{Sharing Time} February 2016: Families Are Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan

Sharing Time Idea from the 2016 Outline

Introduce the doctrine: Write the following on the board: “Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan.” Discuss what this sentence means. Erase the sentence. Say the first two words, and ask the children to repeat them. Then say the first four words, and ask the children to repeat them. Continue until the children can repeat the entire sentence.

Encourage understanding: Ask several children in advance to represent families from the scriptures. Provide several clues about each family (for example, Adam and Eve: “Our family was the first family on earth”; Abraham and Sarah: “We were very old before we had a child”; and Lehi and Sariah: “We crossed the ocean to get to the promised land”), and give the clues to the children. Provide simple costumes, if possible. Ask the children who are representing the scriptural families to come to the front of the room, one group at a time. Have them read their clues and ask the other Primary children to guess who they are representing. After each family is identified, show the children where they can learn about this family in the scriptures. Tell the children how each family followed Heavenly Father’s plan for them.

Encourage application: Ask the children to think of good qualities their families possess. Invite them to share these qualities with each other in groups or with the entire Primary.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

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I LOVE the idea given in the outline, but I wanted to add a fun little game into the mix. Our Primary children LOVE this game, and it’s super easy to put together…all you need are some questions and a bell! I have given it the name…Scripture Who Feud. Enjoy!

Scripture Who Feud

Begin your Sharing Time with the idea given in the outline and have everyone repeat the phrase: “Families are central to Heavenly Father’s Plan” and then discuss what it means.

The next part is where I’m adding in my fun game. Anytime we pull out our bell the kids get all giddy and super excited, even JR Primary. You could play this game several different ways, as far as reading the clues. Here’s a few ideas:

1. Have a few children dress up. Invite them in one at a time, and if they can read, have them read a list of clues. If they can’t read, simply read the clues for them.

2.) Invite some adults in and have them dress up. Give them a short list of clues for them to read aloud.

3. Use the Gospel Art Kit pictures! Go through the pictures and pick the families you would like to discuss. Hold the pictures up one at a time, and read clues aloud. Some of the children might know the family right after seeing the pictures, other times they might need a few clues.

4. Have your pictures/clues in a bag, a box, or a punch-a-box (take a look at this post to look at what I’m talking about) and number each bag. Have a child pick a number or ‘punch’ a number. Open the bag and read (or have another child read) the clues aloud.


How to Play Scripture Who Feud

Let’s get into the actual game part of this idea! You will have a table at the front of the room with your bell in the center.

Invite 2 players up to the front of the room. Have each child stand on either side of the table, and have the bell in the middle. These bells are very inexpensive (here’s one on Amazon), and are great to keep in your Primary closet. We use ours all the time!

Tell the children that you or someone else is going to read several clues. They are going to listen to the clues and try to figure out the family from the scriptures. Once they know who the family is…ring the bell! Let the know that they can ring the bell after one clue or all clues have been read.

Get the teachers involved! Every now and then we’ll throw in a ‘Teacher Turn’. We’ll invite 2 teachers up to the front and have them go head to head. The children always LOVE it.


Play until you have shared all the families that you chose or until time runs out.

You could end by asking the children to share some good qualities their families possess.


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time Idea. It’s simple, but I promise you it will be a hit!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



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  1. Nicole

    Thank you so much for your ideas, Sheena! They’re such a useful!! I’ll try to practice these games with the kids this Sunday! Regards from Argentina! :3

  2. Kim

    What a fun idea!! Can’t wait to try it. You are awesome:)

  3. Heidi

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. mel

    I never feel I have time to comment as I’m doing this and that for my family, or preparing or studying, but I just have to stop and say, for once, thank you for all of the time you put into your website and ideas. They are loved and used by so many.

    1. You are so sweet, Mel! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave me a comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I totally understand ‘busy life’. Thanks again!

  5. Elaine

    I cant find the list of clues for this games…Is there a link that maybe i can see on this post?

    1. Hi Elaine! Thanks for the comment, unfortunately, I didn’t include a list of clues for this game, sorry.