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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas for Sharing Time. Love the ideas you shared.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into sharing time…this will be my first week teaching sharing time and I have been really nervous not knowing how to do it. So thank you for sharing your online with us.
    Melissa – CA

  3. I really like this blog! I’m a primary president and I’m always looking for ways to adapt the lesson for Sr./Jr. – thanks for sharing!

  4. thanks for the great ideas. love the potato head idea.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! This is so helpful and I can’t wait to use these ideas on Sunday. It is so appreciated!

  6. Thanks so much for this sharing time! It’s awesome and I can’t wait to do it Sunday! I look at a lot of different sites for supplement ideas, and I have to tell you that YOURS is my very favorite and time after time I use ideas from you! You are definitely a blessing in my life~I don’t know how you are able to do it w/all you have going on in yours! Thanks again!! I sooo appreciate you and the time you take to help all of us! ~Racquel Feest, NV

  7. Anonymous

    YESSSS, Thanks so much. I love your page too. Have been looking and looking and I think this will be perfect for the little ones in our Primary. THANKS so much for sharing as I know you would also have a lot of other committments going on throughout the week. MUCH LOVE xox Mary BNE

  8. Anonymous

    Any ideas for week 2?