Missionary Stories & Some other Sharing Time Ideas for this week

I received an email yesterday from a wonderful woman, Whitney Anderson, who provided me a HUGE list of missionary stories from LDS.org, Friend Magazines. Thank you Whitney for taking the time to look for these stories and for emailing them and sharing them with everyone!
Click Each name to read the story:
New Zealand- Here is a story from my Husband about his mission:
Elder Perron had only been out for about a month in the Auckland, New Zealand mission. He was with 2 senior companions trying to contact less active members in the ward. They had a list of names and addresses.
They approached a home and knocked on the door and asked if a family still lived here. Unfortunately they no longer lived in that home. The missionaries thanked the people and left on their way.
As the 3 missionaries were walking away from the home Elder Perron felt inspired to turn around and ask the family if they would like to listen to a discussion about the church. Elder Perron thought about what he should do. He decided to tell his companions that he felt that they needed to return to the home and invite the family to listen to a discussion. The 2 other Elders agreed and they all returned and knocked on the door again.
The family opened the door to find the missionaries standing there again. Elder Perron introduced each one and then asked the family if they would be interested in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The family said ‘Yes’, so they scheduled a time to return and teach the family about the Gospel.
Missionaries are often guided by the Spirit. With the help of the Spirit Elder Perron we able to know to turn around and go knock on the door again. And because he listened to the Spirit he and his companions were able to teach a family about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope that sounds o.k. If you need a story for New Zealand there you go. 🙂
Whitney also shared 2 more links for Sharing Time Ideas. Here they are:
I also received an email from another wonderful Sister named Cynthia Birt. She shared a great idea for this week. Here is what she said:
“When reading the ideas for this month it bought me back to my mission when My companion and I did a sharing time in Primary. It was cool because we took CTR in all the languages we could find and the kids had to match them up 1st talking about the different languages that the world has and then we talked about missionary work and around the world
I thought that would be cool to do we just put up papers with the different CTR signs in all the languages we could find. The kids Loved it and so did we :)”
Thank you Cynthia for the great idea!!!

Thanks again ladies for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend and a great sharing time.


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