LDS Primary Resurrection Sharing Time Idea: March 2018 Week 3

Sharing Time Idea from the 2018 Outline

Identify the doctrine (hearing a story): Use the illustration from page 123 in the nursery manual (see instructions on page 121) to tell the story of the Resurrection (see John 19:41–42; 20:1, 11–18). Explain that when Jesus Christ was resurrected, His body and spirit were reunited; this made it possible for everyone to be resurrected. Have the children say, “Because Jesus Christ was resurrected, I will be too.”

Encourage understanding (discussing feelings): On the board list words that describe how the disciples might have felt the day Jesus died (such as grief, sorrow, sadness, and despair). Have the children suggest opposites of those words (such as happiness, joy, hope, and faith), and write them on the board. Explain that these feelings are what the disciples felt when Jesus was resurrected. Discuss some of the blessings that come from knowing we will be resurrected (see Isaiah 25:8; Alma 22:14).

Encourage application (sharing feelings): Write on the board, “I am thankful Jesus was resurrected because …” Invite a ward member who has had a loved one die to come to Primary and briefly share why he or she is thankful for the Resurrection. Ask the children if they know anyone who has died, and invite them to close their eyes and think of that person. Invite some of the children to stand and complete the sentence on the board and share what the Resurrection means to them.


Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

Life has been crazy and lately my days seem to fly by. I sat down the other day to look at this week’s sharing time idea and couldn’t think of an idea that I felt good about. Tonight I had some time, so I looked at some old ideas that I have used and I found one that I think would be great for this week! It’s different than the outline, but I think it would make a great idea to talk about Christ and the resurrection.

LDS Primary Resurrection Sharing Time Idea

Here is a short description from my previous idea:

For this Sharing Time you will be dressing up like a detective to ‘find out more’ about the Resurrection.  To look like an inspector or detective, wear a trench coat and carry a large magnifying glass.
Tell the children that you are looking for clues about the reality of the Resurrection/to learn more about the Resurrection.
You will hide different ‘clues’ around the Primary room. Each set of clues will represent one of the pictures listed in the Primary Outline.
You could have your clues represent a picture related to the resurrection or you could have them represent a person that was there during that time (I have examples in my previous ideas that I shared, link below). You will have several numbered “Top Secret” envelopes that the children will be searching for around the Primary room with some detective gear (magnifying glass, hat, etc.) Inside the envelope you will need several clues about the person. You could have this kind of like a “Who Am I” type game and have clues written onto strip of paper. The children will be reading the clues and then will need to guess who the person is by looking at pictures that you have displayed. Once they have guessed the person, invite that person to come into the primary room and have them share their message. For this, you could invite adults to act like a person that was there and invite them to share how they might have felt the day Jesus died and how they felt when Jesus was resurrected.

Jr. Primary Option

Since “Who Am I” clues might be hard for the little ones here is an idea that you could use. Just like for Sr. Primary you will have envelopes with clues inside. Each envelope will represent a person or an event that has to do with Christ’s resurrection. The pictures will be displayed at the front of the room and the children will be using the clues inside their envelop to guess which picture it is. For Jr. Primary I thought you could print out an extra copy of the pictures you have chosen. From each picture you will cut out a large piece (a circle, square, puzzle piece, etc.) and place it in the envelope. You could also add a few other clues in there. When the child chooses their envelope and pulls out the clues they can read the clues, and then they can look at the piece of the picture that is in the envelope for an extra clue. They can take the piece up to the other pictures and try to figure out which picture their piece matches. Once they have found the match, invite your helper to come in and share a short message with the children.
Since there are different ways to do this, and I’m sharing this late in the week, I chose not to share printables (sorry!). But I know if you use this and pray for inspiration you will know what to share with your Primary.
Ready to read more about this idea? Here are the links to two ideas that I shared with examples:

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I hope you enjoy this week’s LDS Primary Resurrection Sharing Time Idea and use if in your Primary. I would love to hear what you do, so leave a comment letting me know. And if you come up with some great clues and want to share them, feel free to email me and I will add them to my post (

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!


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