June 2018 Week 2: If I Live Worthily, the Holy Ghost will Help Me Choose the Right

June 2018 Week 2 Sharing Time Idea. If I live worthily, the Holy Ghost will help me choose the right.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2018 Outline

Identify the doctrine (singing a song): Ask the children what gift we are given after we are baptized. Sing the second verse of “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105). Before you sing, ask the children to listen for the answer to the following question: What does the Holy Ghost help us do? Help the children understand that the still, small voice is the Holy Ghost and that He helps us choose the right.

Encourage understanding (seeing an object lesson): Explain that we have to learn to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost by paying attention to thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts (see D&C 8:2). Have a child place a coin in a glass jar and shake it. Let the children observe how clearly they can hear the sound. Have children add spoonfuls of dirt, rice, sand, or cotton balls to the jar. After each spoonful, have a child shake the jar again, and let the children comment on how this affects the sound. Continue adding spoonfuls until the children cannot hear the coin. Liken this to the difficulty of listening to the Holy Ghost when our lives are filled with distractions or sin. Empty the jar and demonstrate how clearly the coin can be heard again. Testify that keeping the commandments and repenting of our sins help us hear the Holy Ghost.

Encourage application (sharing ideas): Divide the children into groups. Have each group pass around a small object while you sing or say the words to “The Holy Ghost.” Stop randomly and have each child who is holding an object tell one thing they can do to hear the Holy Ghost more clearly. Conclude by singing “The Holy Ghost” together.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I am so excited to share this week’s idea. When I saw that the children would be learning about the Holy Ghost I knew exactly what idea I would be bringing back to share again. I shared this “Listening Ears” activity back in 2015, after seeing the cute idea on Family of a NAVY Dentist. It’s such a fun idea that I had to use it for this week’s idea.

In addition to the “Listening Ears” activity, the children will also be discussing ways that we can invite the Holy Ghost into our lives and ways that we turn the Holy Ghost away. I hope you enjoy this week’s idea!

June 2018 Week 2 Sharing Time Idea

“Listening Ears” Holy Ghost Activity

Before Primary, make 2-3 “listening ears”. To do this, cut strips of paper (about 1.5” wide X 11″ long) and staple/glue them together to make a head band, I used 2 1/2 strips to make mine. After you have made your head band, you need to print out some ears to attach to your head band. I have created some ears for you to use (link at bottom of post) or you can print out these ears (black and white) from LDS.org. Print your desired ears, and then cut them, and attach them to each side of your head band. I simply stapled the ears to each side, but tape or glue will work great as well.

Next, you will need to come up with 5 different sounds. You can find animal noises, car noises, etc. on the internet. Play the noises for the children using your smartphone or laptop. You can also use different household objects (ex. crumpled paper, knock on the door, etc.).


How to Play

Invite 2-3 children up to the front of the primary room (depending on how many “listening ears” you have made). Tell them that today they are going to be listening to different sounds. Explain to the children that you have brought some ‘listening ears’ to help them listen to the different sounds.

For Sr. Primary, you can give them a piece of paper labeled 1-5. Have them write down their answers as they listen to each sound. I created an answer sheet the last time I shared this idea. Feel free to use it for this week’s Sharing Time: Click HERE to print it out! If you don’t want to have the Jr. Primary write their answeryou could have them tell you the answer aloud. Simply write the answers on the board as they guess what the sound is.

After you have gone through each of the sounds, reveal what each is.  Compare answer and see how many people answered correctly. Explain that there is something else in our lives that we need to listen to. You can give a few clues for the children…examples: Speaks in a still, small voice, is a gift we receive, etc.

Explain to the children that it is important for us to listen to the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost helps us in many different ways.

Another Way to Play

I really like the idea in the outline with the jar. If you decide to do the “listening ears” activity, but want to incorporate “distraction” or “sin” just have some other distracting sounds during 2-3 of the sounds. You could ask the pianist to start playing the piano, invite some of the adults to talk loudly, clap your hands, or you could have another sound on another device playing at the same time. When you ask the children what they think the sound was, they might say that they couldn’t hear because there was other noise. Tell them that you’re sorry there was noise, but you don’t have time to listen to it again (or something like that).

June 2018 Listening Ears Holy Ghost Activity

After they have answered all the sounds and you begin going through each sound, ask the children why those particular sounds were hard to listen to. Take time to liken this to the difficulty of listening to the Holy Ghost when our lives are filled with distractions or sin. Then explain that when there were no distractions the sounds were much easier to identify. Testify that keeping the commandments and repenting of our sins help us hear the Holy Ghost.


Encourage Application

For the next part of the lesson the children will be choosing strips with ways we can “invite the Spirit” and ways we “turn away the Spirit” and placing them under the appropriate category. Before primary, print and cut out my invite/turn away strips. You will also need to print and cut out my larger “Invites the Spirit” and “Turns Away the Spirit” category header.

Attach the larger category strips onto a poster-board or chalkboard and place it at the front of the room. Explain to the children that they are going to discuss ways we can invite the Spirit into our lives and ways we turn the Spirit away. Tell them that they are going to be reading different phrases and they are going to have to place the strip underneath the appropriate category.

How To Play

There are a few ways you could play this activity. The simplest way would be to place all your strips into a container and invite one child up at a time to pick one strip out and read it aloud. After they have read the phrase aloud, have the child place it under the appropriate category. You could then discuss why that invites or turns the Spirit away.

June 2018 Week 2 Holy Ghost Sharing Time Idea


You could also bring in a bell/buzzer, a favorite in our Primary. Have your bell/buzzer in the center of a table at the front of the room. Invite two children up and have them place their hands on top of the table. Tell them to listen carefully as you read the phrase. Read the phrase aloud and then they will have to decide whether it invites or turns away the Spirit. When they know the answer they will ring the bell/buzzer. The first person to ring/buzz shares whether they think that invites or turns away the Spirit. If correct, have them place the strip under the appropriate category. If they’re wrong, the other player gets to answer and place the phrase in the right category.


Hot or Cold

The last idea that I had goes along with the idea in the outline. Instead of passing the item around, I thought it would be fun to play the “Hot or Cold” game. You could also tie it in with listening to the Spirit. Tell the children that just as we must learn to listen to the still small voice, in this game they will have to learn to listen to the voice of the other primary children.

You could use the strips as the object to find OR you could use another item. Have one child go out of the room and have another person hide the item. Invite the child in and have the children start singing. As the child gets closer to the item, have the children sing louder. If they child is getting further away from the item, have the children sing softly. Once the item is found have the child choose and read a strip. Have the child then decide whether that invites or turns away the Spirit.

Close by bearing your testimony of the Holy Ghost. Tell the children that by living worthily the Holy Ghost can help us choose the right.



If you’d like to use this idea and my printable for your June 2018 Week 2 Sharing Time Idea just click the link below.

Click HERE to print my June 2018 Week 2 Sharing Time Printables!


I hope you enjoy my June 2018 Week 2 Sharing Time Idea. I’d love to hear what you think, so leave me a comment below. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!


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