Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon & Restored Gospel Truths: 4th Week Sharing Time Idea for April 2013

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2013 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE AND ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing): Before Primary, write “Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and restored gospel truths” on a sheet of paper, and cut the paper into puzzle pieces. On the back of each piece, write the name of a person or thing related to the translation of the Book of Mormon (for example, Joseph Smith, Urim and Thummim, angel Moroni, golden plates, power of God, and Oliver Cowdery). Give each class one of the puzzle pieces, and ask them to discuss how the item or person on the back of the piece is related to the translation of the Book of Mormon. Invite each class to come to the front of the room, share what they discussed, and put their puzzle piece on the board. When the puzzle is complete, read the sentence together.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (listening to a guest speaker): Invite a priesthood holder to portray Joseph Smith and tell the story of how he translated the Book of Mormon. Give him several of the pictures the children drew in week 1 and ask him to share how the gospel principles were restored through Joseph Smith. He could wear a simple costume, such as a black ribbon bow tie. Invite him to take off the costume and bear his testimony of Joseph Smith.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Ask the children to stand if they can name a gospel truth that had been lost and was restored through Joseph Smith. Invite a few of the children to share their thoughts. Share your testimony of the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I am re-using a previous idea today, but including some ways to change it up a little bit so that it fits with this week’s topic a little better.
Here is where you will find the original idea:
For this Sharing Time you will be discussing how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. In the previous Sharing Time Idea that I shared the lesson was focused on how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the Power of God. For this week’s theme you are focusing on how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon & restored gospel truths.
Here are some ideas you could use along with my previous Sharing Time Idea.
To begin your Sharing Time
you could invite your ‘Joseph Smith’ helper to come visit the children again.  Have him share how Moroni visited him in his room (Gospel Art Kit picture 404) and share several details from that experience and the day after. Be sure ‘Joseph’ shares where he found the Gold Plates, this will help the children understand the activity that they will be playing for this lesson.
 Then he could show the children GAK picture 416 and tell them about Translating the Book of Mormon.
After Joseph has shared his experience tell the children that they are going to go on a ‘Search for the Golden Plates’.
Around the room you will have several boxes or file folders with a picture of a stone attached to the front.


Explain to the children that underneath one of these stones is the Gold Plates! The children will be taking turns looking ‘under’ the stones to find the Gold Plates.
Invite the first child to find a stone and look ‘under’ the stone to see if that is where the Gold Plates are hidden. Continue picking children until the Gold Plates are found.
You might hide the stone with the Gold Plates a little harder, so they don’t find it until the end.
You will also need to create some Gold Plates to use for this Sharing Time. And on the Gold Plates that you create you will need to add a coded message that the children will need to translate. The message that they will be translating will be:
Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and restored gospel truths.
Just use symbols on your computer to come up with a code and make a sign for the children to use. When the Gold Plates are found, have them use your sign to help them translate the message.
After they have translated the message you could discuss different Gospel Truths that were restored.
Another Way to Play:
You could also number your stones, so that they are found in a certain order. Then underneath each stone you could write the name of a person or thing related to the translation of the Book of Mormon (for example, Joseph Smith, Urim and Thummim, angel Moroni, golden plates, power of God, and Oliver Cowdery). As each stone is found you could discuss how each person or item is related to the translation of the Book of Mormon. The last stone will be the Gold Plates with the coded message that needs to be translated.
Book of Mormon Pass:
To discuss the Gospel Truths that were restored…you could use the idea below as an activity:
Print out several pictures of Gospel truths that were restored. Then place the pictures in the pages of a Book of Mormon. Tie a ribbon around the Book of Mormon.
Tell the children that inside the Book of Mormon are several pictures of Gospel Truths that were restored through Joseph Smith. Explain that they are going to pass the Book of Mormon around while some music plays. When the music stops the person holding the Book of Mormon will flip through some pages to find a Gospel Truth.
When a picture has been found have the child show it to the other children and tell them what it is.
Then discuss the Gospel Truth with the children.
**You could even find scriptures that go with that Gospel Truth, and as the children find the pictures have them read that particular scripture.
So that is my idea for the 4th Week of April. I hope it made sense. 🙂
Have a wonderful week everyone & a great Sharing Time!



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