Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man: 2nd Week Sharing Time Idea for December 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (singing a song and memorizing a scripture): Display pictures showing Christ’s progression from infant to child to adult.  Sing together “Jesus Once Was a Little Child” (CS, 55), and ask the children to explain what the song teaches about Jesus.  Help the children memorize Luke 2:52 by using simple actions to represent the ways Jesus grew: in wisdom (point to head), in stature (flex muscles), and in favor with God (fold arms) and man (wave to a friend).
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (reading scriptures and participating in activities):  Divide the room into four areas, and place one of the following signs in each area:
* Jesus grew in wisdom – D&C 88:118
* Jesus grew in stature – D&C 89:20
* Jesus grew in favor with God – D&C 88:63
* Jesus grew in favor with man – Proverbs 18:24
Prepare a simple activity for each area, such as age-appropriate questions about Heavenly Father and His commandments (“wisdom”), a measuring to record each child’s height and paper to draw pictures of healthy food (“stature”), and stories from the Friend or Liahona about testimony and friendship (“in favor with God” and “in favor with man”).  Explain that we all grow in the same ways that Jesus did – “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” (Luke 2:52).  Divide the children into four groups, and ask an adult to lead each group to one of the signs, where they will read the scriptures together and participate in the activity.  Play quiet music when it is time for the children to move to a different sign.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
This week I am going to share 2 great ideas that 2 wonderful ladies shared on their own blogs. I really like both ideas, so I thought it would be great to combine them. To read each individual idea just click on the links below:
Here is what I was thinking of doing (if I was teaching Sharing Time), but time may be an issue, so change to fit your Primary and your schedule.
First I would open by sharing the scripture from the outline. Decide on actions to help the children memorize the scripture or separate the children into groups by color (color of clothes they’re wearing), by class, etc.
After the scripture I thought it would be fun to use Darcee’s idea from Pergler’s Primary Place. Darcee had the idea of having a large ruler/growth chart at the front of the room with a sign at the top. Her sign says “Jesus Was a Child Like Me” but you could also have the week’s theme as your sign also.
Attached to the side of the ruler are various pictures from Christ’s life. Visit Darcee’s site for links to each of the pictures. Darcee made some really cute scrolls that explained each picture. Each scroll was numbered 1-7, so just start with scroll #1 and read each one and discuss the picture.
Another way you could do this: Have your clues/scrolls, but have the pictures posted on a chalkboard or bulletin board. As you read the clues have the children pick the picture that the clue is talking about. Then have the children place the picture on the ruler. If you’re worried about time, just make the clues one to two sentences.
After the picture/ruler activity I thought it would be fun to use Jill’s idea from Hatch Patch Creations. Read the scripture Luke 2:52 again to the children. At the front of the room have 4 different signs that read, “Jesus Grew in Wisdom,” “Jesus Grew in Stature,” “Jesus Grew in Favor with God,” and “Jesus Grew in Favor With Man.”
You will also need a large sack filled with different items that may go with each of the 4 categories. Jill has some great examples on her website.
Invite a child up to the front of the room to pick an item out of the bag. Then have them guess which category it belongs to. Talk about each item and how it helps us grow just as Jesus did.
In closing, read the scripture (Luke 2:52) once again. Explain to the children that we are just like Jesus…that we are growing. Encourage them to follow him by doing some of the things that they talked about today. Bear your testimony.

Another Idea:
Using Darcee’s original idea, have a large ruler/growth chart at the front of the room. Have your sign at the top. 
First begin with a picture of Christ’s birth. Read a scripture about the picture and discuss it a little. Explain to the children that Jesus was once a child just like you. And as Jesus got older he grew….but even though He grew and got taller he also grew in other ways.

Read Luke 2:52 aloud. You can have the children do the actions to help them memorize the scripture and to help explain what it means. Tell the children that today you are going to discuss the different ways that Christ ‘grew’ and how we can grow also.

Have your 4 signs (from Jill’s Idea), 4 tables, and 4 bags or boxes. Have each sign sitting on top of each table. And inside each bag/box have different items that have to do with each of the 4 different areas (Jesus grew…in wisdom, stature, etc).

You will be talking about each area that Jesus grew by showing the children a picture and discussing it and then by having them pick an item from the bag and discuss how that item can help them grow just as Jesus did.

Jesus Grew in WisdomTo get started I liked Darcee’s picture she chose for ‘Wisdom’. Here is what she said:
“(On back of scroll #3 that matches the picture of Mary and young Jesus from cover of Sept. Ensign 2009 or And the scriptures tell us that there “the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.” (Luke 2:40.) Heavenly Father taught Jesus how to be righteous. Jesus was also taught by his mother Mary many things, including prayer. What is something that your mother taught you as a young child?”
Attach the picture to one side of the growth chart.
What are some other things we can do to grow in wisdom?
You can also read D&C 88:18

Now for items in your bag/box: picture of Ten Commandments, scriptures, a picture of a school, books, etc.
After you have discussed the first area (growing in wisdom) invite a small child up to the front and measure them.

Jesus Grew in Stature: Picture of Jesus and Joseph the Carpenter (GAK 206) and read D&C 89:20.
For this picture Darcee talked about the work that Jesus might have done, that Jesus probably helped his Father with his carpentry work. She then talks about chores that the children might have today. 
Attach the second picture a little bit above the second picture.
Discuss that working and helping out can help us grow in stature. But what else can help us grow in stature? Have a child pick an item from the bag.
Items you could use: healthy food, weights, etc.
After you have discussed the second area (growing in stature) invite a child that is taller than the first child and measure him/her on the growth chart.

Then continue on with the last 2 areas: ‘growing in favor with God and Man.’ 
After you discuss each area invite a child up to the front and measure them. You could even invite an adult up and measure them on the growth chart to show the children how Jesus grew and how they too will grow.

At the end you will have several pictures from Christ’s life and the children will be able to see their own growth also.
I thought the children would like the opportunity to have them measured on the chart.

Well, that’s it for me. I want to say thanks to Darcee and Jill for their amazing ideas! I hope all of you have a great week and a wonderful Sharing Time!



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