{Sharing Time} Jesus Christ’s Example Teaches Me How to Live.

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline

Encourage understanding: On the board write two lists in random order—one list of scriptures in which Jesus sets an example for us to follow and one of songs related to these scriptures. Divide the children into groups. Give each group a picture showing one of the scriptural events you have listed. Tell each group to match their picture to both a scripture and a song from the board. Have one group at a time show their picture, explain the example Jesus set, and lead the rest of the Primary in singing the song. Consider using the following:

Boy Jesus in the Temple, Luke 2:42–49, “Seek the Lord Early” (CS, 108)

John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus, Matthew 3:13–17, “Baptism” (CS, 100–101)

Go Ye Therefore, Matthew 28:19–20, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” (CS, 172–73)

Jesus Healing the Nephites, 3 Nephi 17:7–9, “I’ll Walk with You” (CS, 140–41)

Testify that Jesus Christ is the only perfect example for us to follow.

Encourage understanding: Cut a heart out of a piece of paper and write on it Love one another. Place it in your scriptures at John 13:34. Invite a child to look through your scriptures to find the heart. Explain that in this scripture Jesus teaches how He wants us to treat others. Have the children find John 13:34 in their own scriptures, and read it together. Consider giving each child a paper heart with the scripture on it to put in their own scriptures and inviting them to share this activity with their family.

Encourage application: Have the children form one or more circles. (If space is not available, have one row of children turn to face another row.) Give each group a string with the ends tied together, threaded through a button. While singing “Love One Another” (CS, 136), have the children slide the button along the string. Stop the music randomly and ask the child (or children) holding the button to share one way they could show love to others. Conclude by inviting several children to share a time when others have shown love for them.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Back in the January edition of The Friend there was an article titled ‘Give Us a Hand’.

Here’s a little excerpt from the article:

When Jesus was on the earth, He loved and served everyone. We can follow His example today.

It then included several short stories from children all over the world that has followed Christ’s example by serving others. In the article they also asked children from all over to trace their hand and write on it how they have helped someone. Then they asked everyone to send in their ‘hand’ and they would publish it in The Friend.

I loved the idea, and knew I wanted to incorporate this into Sharing Time some time this year. I looked through the topics and added a little note on my July page so that I would remember. Here’s what I’m planning on doing, plus some other ideas you could use.


Before Primary

Before Primary cut out several hands using construction paper or cardstock, maybe 10-12 hands. I found a great template for hands, HERE.

On the back of 4 of the hands, write each of the scriptures listed in the outline (above). On the remaining hands you can write different scenarios of how we can show love for others, write questions, or songs (from the outline).

On the front of the hands, write the numbers 1-6. Since you will have more than 6 hands, re-write 1-6 on the remaining hands.

Find 4 pictures that go along with the 4 scriptures from the outline. Here is a list and link of the pictures needed:

Boy Jesus in the Temple

John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus

Go Ye Therefore

Jesus Healing the Nephites

You will also need a large dice for your Sharing Time. You can make one using a box.

How to Play

To begin, place the 4 pictures that represent the 4 scriptures from the outline onto a chalkboard, bulletin board, or white board. Around the pictures place the hands.

You could even add the title “Jesus Christ’s Example Teaches Me How to Live” with a large picture of Christ in the center of the board. Just place the other 4 pictures beside and the hands surrounding.

Explain to the children when Jesus was on the earth, He loved and served everyone. Show the children the board. Explain that Jesus had helping hands and we can choose to follow His example and have helping hands too.

Tell the children that today they are going to read some scriptures, answer some questions, sing some songs that will teach us how we can follow Christ’s example.

Invite a child up to the front and have them roll the die. Have them read the number on the die and then pick one of the hands with the same number.

If it’s a scripture, read the scripture aloud and have them pick the matching picture. You might have to give a few clues for the younger children. Discuss the scripture story with the children and explain the example Jesus set.

If a question is picked, have them answer the question. It could be as simple as

‘How can you show love to others?’

If a song is picked, have the children sing the song and then discuss what it said.

Continue until time runs out or until all the hands have been chosen.

To close your Sharing Time, hand out a hand to all the children. Invite them to go home and share what they learned during Sharing Time. Invite them to do an act of service for someone and write it on the hand.

You can have them bring the hand back next Sunday or include a note to the parents and invite them to send their hand into The Friend.


More Ideas!

The idea above mainly focuses on the Encourage Understanding portion from the outline. Here are some ideas that you could use for Week 4 using the ideas from the Encourage Application section.

I really like the Encourage Understanding section where they find the heart in the scriptures. So, begin with that and then go into the activity below.

Hot & Cold

This is very similar to the idea in the outline, but instead of sitting in a circle while passing the button on a string, the children will be playing Hot & Cold.

Before Primary cut out a heart. If you’d like, you could cut out several different hearts and write different scenarios on the back of ways we can show love to others.

Invite 2 children up to the front. Have one go stand out in the hallway while the other child hides the heart. Invite the other child back into the room. Explain that the children are going to sing “Love One Another” while he/she searches for the heart. As the child gets closer, the children will sing louder. When the child moves away from the heart, the children will sing quieter.

When the child finds the heart have them share one way they could show love to others. Or have them read the question/scenario on the back.

Conclude by inviting several children to share a time when others have shown love for them. You could also hand everyone a heart and ask them to do something kind for someone else. They can leave the heart for the person they choose to serve.

I hope you enjoy this week’s ideas, and that they are helpful to you.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Connie Woo

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us. It is much appreciated. I have all the materials ready for tomorrow’s sharing time. I have no doubt our children will benefit and learn much from it. Great job!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome ideas. The children have so much fun and I enjoy sharing it.
    Thanks again! Xo

    1. Joyce, I’m so glad to hear that you and the primary children enjoy the ideas. ?

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