{Sharing Time} April 2017 Weeks 2&3: Jesus Christ Taught Me the Right Way to Live

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Identify the doctrine (singing a song): Sing “Choose the Right Way” (CS, 160–61), and ask half of the children to listen for how we can be happy and the other half to listen for what will help us and show us the way. Discuss what the children learned from the song.

Encourage understanding (playing a guessing game and reading scriptures): Prepare wordstrips containing the following words and scripture references: hunger(Matthew 5:6); shine (Matthew 5:16); love (Matthew 5:44); and pray (Matthew 6:6). Show a picture of the Sermon on the Mount. Explain that Jesus went up on a mountain to teach His disciples; the things He taught are now called the Sermon on the Mount. Show one of the wordstrips to half of the children, and ask them to act out the word for the other children to guess. Read the corresponding scripture together, and help the children understand what Christ taught and how we can follow His example. Repeat with the other words and scriptures.

Encourage application (discussing case studies): On four pieces of paper write the following teachings of Jesus: (1) Hunger and thirst after righteousness, (2) Let your light shine, (3) Love your enemies, (4) Pray to Heavenly Father. (Consider using pictures that illustrate these teachings for younger children.) Display the papers in different areas of the room. Prepare case studies (see TNGC, 161–62) that help the children understand how to apply these teachings. For example, “Someone at school is teasing you and calling you names. What would you do?” Review the scriptures from the guessing game described above, and point out that the papers displayed around the room correspond to the scriptures. Read a case study to the children, and invite them to stand and face the paper with the teaching that would help them choose the right. Ask a few children to share what choice they would make.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I kind of forgot that this Sunday is Easter, but I realized before I had prepared my Sharing Time, so I decided to throw in a little ‘Easter’ fun into this week’s idea. My idea still goes right along with the outline, but with a great egg hunt activity. I hope you enjoy the idea and printables that I share.

April 2017 Easter Sharing Time Idea

April 2017 Easter Sharing Time Idea

For this week’s idea, you will need to print out the printables that I have provided (link below) or create your own. For the eggs, you will need to cut out the front and backs of the eggs, and then glue them together so that they front is the colorful side, and the back is the question/scenario.

You will find a category/scripture label, a sheet of Eggs (front), and then 3 sheets of scenarios (egg backs). Two of the sheets have scenarios already typed up, and the third sheet has blank eggs for you to write in your own scenarios.

April 2017 Easter Sharing Time Idea

You can choose to use my eggs ‘as-is’ OR you could place them inside large plastic eggs.


How to Play:

To begin your Sharing Time (or this part of your Sharing Time), explain that Jesus went up on a mountain to teach His disciples; the things He taught are now called the Sermon on the Mount. Split the primary into 4 groups, and give each group one of your word/scriptures labels. Have them read the scripture and then decide on an action that they will show to the rest of the Primary. If you have a large Primary, you could do this activity like in the outline.

Invite the groups up one at a time, and have them read the scripture aloud or explain what it says, and then have them act out their word. Have the other children guess what the action is. Once they have guessed, show the children the label, and then place it on a chalkboard/bulletin board. As you have the groups read and act help the children understand what Christ taught and how we can follow His example. Repeat with the other words and scriptures, and place each of the labels onto a chalkboard/bulletin board. For the next activity the children will be finding eggs, and then matching them to the appropriate scripture, so leave room for them to place their eggs below each label.

After your group activity, tell the children that they are going to be hunting for eggs today, but these aren’t ordinary eggs, these are ‘Example Eggs’. You can explain that this month they have been learning about following the example of Jesus Christ, and how Jesus Christ taught us the right way to live.

Now, there are several different ways you could play the ‘egg hunt’ part of this activity. Here are a few ideas that I have in mind:

1. Egg Hunt: Before Primary hide the eggs around the room. Invite one child up at a time to find one of the eggs. Then have them read the scenario/question on the back. Have them look at the words/scriptures and share which one would help them make a decision. Have them share what they would do, and then have them place their egg underneath the word/scripture.

2. Hot and Cold Game: Our Primary LOVES this game! At the front of the room you could have a basket with all of the eggs. Invite one child up and ask them if they would like to be the ‘hider’ or the ‘hunter’. Once they decide, invite another child up to do the other task that wasn’t chosen. Have the ‘hunter’ stand out in the hall while the ‘hider’ hides the egg. Once the egg is hidden, and the ‘hider’ is sitting down, invite the ‘hunter’ to come back into the Primary room. Explain to the child that as they hunt for the egg that the rest of the children will be singing. As the child gets closer to the egg, the children will sing louder, but the farther they get from the egg, the softer they will sing.

Once the egg is found, have them read the question/scenario on the back and answer aloud. Have the child look at the words/scriptures and share which one would help them make a decision. Have them share what they would do, and then have them place their egg underneath the word/scripture. Continue by inviting two more children up to hide/hunt the next egg.

3. Egg Basket: For this idea, you will need a basket, and you will need to place each of the scenario eggs into a large plastic egg. The children will be picking one egg from the basket, and reading the scenario/question aloud. Have them look at the words/scriptures and share which one would help them make a decision. Have them share what they would do, and then have them place their egg underneath the word/scripture.


Click HERE to Print my April 2017 Easter Sharing Time Idea printables!


Close by showing the children a picture of Jesus Christ, and explaining that He showed us how to live. Bear your testimony of the importance of following Jesus Christ’s example.


I hope you enjoy my April 2017 Easter Sharing Time Idea, and are able to use it for your lesson this week. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know. I also love to hear you idea, and how you take the idea and change it up.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!


Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. tristan

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I love that it incorporates Easter but still sticks with what the manual has asked us to teach for the week.

    1. Thank you, Tristan. I try my best to stick to the manual, but just add a little something more. I’m glad you liked the idea. Hope it went well. 🙂

  2. Tawna

    I have been having a hard time trying to decide what to do this week for Primary. This came just in time and is perfect. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Tawna. I always love hearing that the idea I shared has helped someone. There have been so many times where I am having a hard time with the lesson, and then I’ll see or hear something and a lightbulb goes off. Thanks again for the comment. 🙂

  3. Michelle

    These are all great idea’s, thank you! I used your sharing time lesson last week, and am using this one this week. Our Primary loves playing the Hot/Cold game too, so that will definitely be the game I will be using.
    Thank you again for all you do!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I am amazed at how much our ward likes the hot and cold game, even the Sr. Primary. That just helps remind me not to overthink things. All they really need are simple ideas that teach them the gospel. 🙂

  4. Shaughnessy

    Thank you for helping make this Sharing Time Easter-y! I love it!

  5. Marilou Gonzales

    Sheena I appreciate your LDS ideas and it helps me to do my sharing time ideas with the kids in primary. I am not expert in computers but I am trying my best to keep up to date with the technology. Thank you for keep giving us ideas on how to teach the children in primay to the simplest ways, for the kids to understand.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Marilou. I am glad you enjoy the ideas and find them helpful. I know life can be busy, so I try to keep it simple and close to what has already been provided in the outline. Thank you again for the comment. 🙂

  6. Kristin

    Thanks so much, this was a darling idea! I’m using for this in sharing time tomorrow!

    1. Thank you, Kristin. Glad you liked the idea. I hope it went well. 🙂

  7. Yara

    Our Primary is really small, and I know the music leader already has a cool egg hunt set up to determine what song we’ll be singing, so the egg-shaped case studies will be enough eggs for me. I’ll have those on the board (pretty side visible) and just have a child choose one, read it, we’ll discuss what to do, and then move onto the next child. I’m sure between that and the guessing game, we will be set! 🙂
    Thank you so much for the cute printables (every week)!! I love you! <3 <3

    1. Thank you for the comment, Yara. I hope your lesson went well. It sounds like your Primary had lots of Easter fun. 😉

  8. Jill

    Thank you! So many great ideas. I know the kids will love it.

  9. Susy

    I’ve been applying your ideas for sharing time for months now and our Primary kids and teachers love them!
    Thank you for all your work and effort!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Susy. I am so happy to hear that you have used the ideas and that they are a success. 🙂