Jesus Christ is the light and the life of the world: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for December 2012

Sharing Time Idea from 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(doing a scripture activity): Place pictures of Christ’s birth and death on opposite sides of the room.  Tell the children that you will read some scriptures that are either about signs of Jesus’ birth or signs of His death.  Ask the children to turn and face the picture that goes with the scriptures you read.  (If your Primary is small, you may want to have the children walk to the pictures.)  Read 3 Nephi 1:15, 19, 21; 8:20, 22-23.  Discuss how Jesus Christ brought light to the world.  Ask the children to cover their eyes and imagine some challenges they might face if they had to live with no light.  Compare these challenges to those we would face if we did not have the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Read John 8:12, and invite the children to listen for what we must do to not walk in darkness.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(playing a guessing game): Explain that many symbols help us remember that Jesus is the light of the world; some of the symbols are used at Christmas.  Put some of these symbols (such as candles, a paper star, or lights) in a bag.  Ask a child to reach into the bag, feel one of the objects without looking at it, guess what it is, and then show it to the other children.  Ask the child to share something Jesus Christ did to bring light into our lives.  Repeat with the other objects.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (drawing a picture): Give each child a paper sun.  Have them write or draw a picture of one way they will follow the light of Jesus Christ.  Encourage them to share their papers with their families.
 Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
To begin your Sharing Time use the ‘Identify the Doctrine’ idea from the outline. I really like the idea and I think the children will enjoy it. But if you don’t like the idea of having the children walk from one side of the room to the other side of the room then use Jill’s idea from Hatch Patch Creations.
In Jill’s Sharing Time Idea she provides 2 cards, one with a picture of Christ’s birth and the other with His death. Print out a set of each card for each child. As you read each scripture have the child hold up the appropriate picture that correlates with that particular scripture.
She even says, “If you want to be a total over-achiever you can attach the pictures to popsicle sticks.” hehe
I really liked Jill’s idea of having the children hold up a picture. If you would like to use Jill’s idea, then Click Here.
Continue to talk about how Christ brought light into the world by using the ideas from the outline.
You could even turn off the lights and ask the children if they would like to live in darkness all the time. Then bring out a flashlight, and explain how Christ was the light of the world.
You could go on to explain that there are other symbols that represent Christ during Christmas, and that you are going to discuss some of those symbols today.
For the next part the children will be helping you decorate a small Christmas Tree as they learn about the symbols
of Christmas. I thought the children might enjoy decorating a tree. I would use a small tree, but if you don’t have a small tree, then make a tree out of felt or green paper and attach it to the wall.
To begin this activity, have your empty Christmas tree at the front of the room.
You will need several ornaments that represent symbols of Christmas.
Here are a few examples you could use:
Christmas Tree
Candy Cane
Red Ornament
Here are a few places to find different symbols and their meanings
Choose several symbols and place them in gift boxes or bags or simply hide them around the room. Have the children open or find each ornament and discuss what it represents.
At the very end you could have a beautifully wrapped gift with a picture of Christ inside. Tell the children that Christ was our greatest gift and that we need to remember Him during the Christmas season. Remind them again that Christ is the light of the world.
Hand each child a paper sun and have them do the activity from the outline by writing or drawing how they will follow the light of Christ.
Once they’re done you could place all the sunshines in a box and ask the children if this could be their gift to Christ this Christmas. Encourage them to try their hardest to follow the light of Christ.
Another Idea:
I also thought it might be fun to use my script “The Spirit of Christmas” for this Sharing Time. Just shorten it to the time that you need.
Just invite some adults to help you out. Have them dress up as the different characters of the skit and have them discuss the different symbols of Christmas. You could even have a small paper tree for each child to decorate as each symbol is discussed.
Treat Idea:
I found this cute idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a great little treat for Primary. The original idea comes from a blog named: Lily-Fashion
It’s a bag filled with treats and each treat has a little saying that talks about Christ. Here’s some examples:
A candy-cane, shaped like a shepherd’s staff, to remind you that Jesus came to be your Good Shepherd (John 10:11)
A Dove (Dove promise), a symbol for peace, to remind you that Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
A Life Saver, to remind you that Jesus came to be your Savior (Luke 2:11).
A Hershey Hug, to remind you that Jesus loves you (John 3:16).
Such a cute idea, and the children will be sure to enjoy it. 

I think that’s it. I hope all of you have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!
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  1. I LOVE your sharing time ideas! They’re so great for our Primary! Way to go!! 🙂