I should respect others: 4th Week Sharing Time Idea for September 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (discussing respect): Tell the children that a very important person is coming to Primary today.  Ask the children to demonstrate how they can show respect to this person.  Have them guess who the person might be.  Hum “I am a child of God” as you pin a paper star on every child.  Explain that every person is important and that we should treat everyone with respect.  Tell the children that several of the Ten Commandments teach us how to respect others.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing case studies): Explain that the Ten Commandments teach us that we should not steal or lie; this is one way we respect others.  Prepare several case studies (see TNGC, 161-62) that present situations in which children are faced with a choice about honesty.  Divide the children into groups, and give each group a few case studies.  Ask them to read each case study and discuss how they could be honest in each situation.

 Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
This morning my Husband’s sweet Grandmother passed away. She was 102! I’m so grateful for the gospel and that I am able to have an eternal family. We are sad that she is no longer with us, but know that she is happy and is with family that loves her. She probably had a happy reunion seeing her grandchildren, children, and husband (and many many other relatives). She was an amazing woman, and I’m so happy she finally got what she wanted. 🙂

As I was searching for ideas for this week I came across a Sharing Time idea from the April 1994 ‘Friend’. I read the story at the beginning of the article and thought it would be a great idea for Sharing Time.
Here’s the story at the beginning of the article:
“President Harold B. Lee said: “The safety of the church lies in the members keeping the commandments. There is nothing more important that I could say. As they keep the commandments, blessings will come.” (See Church News,15 July 1972,
Barbara A. McConochie, a Church member, was so impressed with President Lee’s words that she wrote the song “Keep the Commandments” for Primary children. Its words tell us of two blessings that come from keeping the commandments: “In this there is safety and peace.”
Sister McConochie says, “Keeping the commandments is the anchor for our safety amidst the storm. True peace will come to each individual, family, and nation only as we learn obedience to the laws of our Heavenly Father.”
An anchor is a heavy object that sailors use aboard ships on the ocean. They lower the anchor on a chain to the ocean floor, and it keeps the ship from drifting. Even in storms, when the ship is being buffeted by waves and wind, the anchor keeps the ship where it should be.
We are like sailors lowering anchors when we use the commandments to keep ourselves safe. Commandments, like anchors, help keep us secure and in the right place. Even when we feel tossed about by temptations or by the unkind words or actions of others, the commandments can help us stay steady and safe. As we keep the commandments, we know in our hearts that we are doing what is right and that eventually good will come. In this there is safety and peace.”
(April 1994; Friend magazine)
To begin your Sharing Time: 
Remind the children that all month long they have been learning about the commandments. Today they will be learning about another important commandment: respecting others. You could then read parts of the above story, and explain how commandments are like an ‘anchor’ in our lives. Explain what an anchor is and why it’s important. Explain that in our lives today we may experience ‘storms’, but if we keep the commandments we can have an ‘anchor’ and be able to withstand the storm.
You could then introduce the commandment for today, respecting others, and discuss that for a minute.
Commandment Anchor
Then you could play a fun game using the anchor idea. Here’s one I thought of:
Here’s my sad little example that I made up to show all of you. Sorry, just be sure to make yours look really awesome. 🙂
Draw or find a picture of a large boat. Have the picture/drawing at the top of a large poster-board. Cut a small hole in the boat where the anchor will be. 
Below is the picture from ‘The Friend’, and the boat I used in my picture above. It’s not very big, but I thought it was cute.
Find a picture of an anchor or make an anchor and attach it to a long string,paper chain, etc. You could even write ‘I can Keep the Commandments’ on the anchor.
Show the children the poster-board and show them that the anchor is not down. If a storm were to come, the boat would be tossed around. This boat needs its anchor down!
Tell the children that today they are going to help you lower the anchor by answering questions, reading case studies, reading scriptures, etc.
Have several case studies, questions, scriptures, stories, etc. typed or written onto cards. Invite a child up to the front to pick a card. Read the card aloud and have them answer the question or decide if that is a way we respect others, etc. If the card is something good have them lower the anchor a little. If it’s bad the anchor doesn’t get lowered.
 The game ends when the anchor reaches the ocean floor. J

You could also have the scenarios typed up onto ‘bubble’ cards (like in the picture above) or on fish, and have the children add the good ones to the poster-board as they read each one.
I would also use a large poster-board. I only had the small ones. You could even use a blue one to make it look like water.

If you need some great underwater clipart, I found mine here: Underwater Clipart

Sorry this is so last minute, but I hope this will get your creative juices going. There is so much you could do with this fun idea. Have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! As a new counselor in the Primary Presidency, I have needed all the help I can get!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for sharing this idea, its amazing! I will use it for my sharing time in Guadalajara, Mexico!
    A big hug for you and your family, goodbyes are not an easy thing to do but the Gospel makes it much much better.

  3. Thank you for posting this! It’s so cute. I’m using it today. Just wanted to say thanks!

  4. Thank you for the great lesson! I had another Sharing Time mostly planned, but when I read yours I changed directions. I was able to use it for both Junior and Senior with very few changes.

  5. Thank you for the great lesson! I had another lesson in mind, but changed it once I read your lesson.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the idea, but sorry you had to change your Sharing Time :). Hope it went well.

  6. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog. Whenever it’s my turn for sharing time, I come here and it always SO helpful. Thank you sincerely.

    1. Thanks Caity for the kinds words. It’s kind words like yours that keep me going. 🙂

  7. Elayne Harmer

    Tomorrow is my first Sharing Time, and I’m using your lesson! Thank you so much!! I will be looking at your blog regularly! 🙂