I should respect and worship God.: Sharing Time Idea for the 2nd Week of September 2012

Sharing Time Idea From 2012 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (reading scriptures): Explain that the first four commandments Heavenly Father gave to Moses teach us that we should respect and worship God.  Write the following sentences on the board.  Write the scripture references on four pieces of paper.

1. Thou shalt have no other __________ before me. (Exodus 20:3)
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any __________________.  (Exodus 20:4)
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God ___________________. (Exodus 20:7)
4. Remember the ______________________, to keep it holy.  (Exodus 20:8)

Divide the children into four groups.  Give each group one of the scripture references, and ask them to read the scripture and find the corresponding sentence on the board.  Ask the first group to fill in their blank on the board and lead the other children in repeating the sentence together.  Discuss the meaning of the commandment, and let the children suggest what they can do to obey it.  Write their suggestions on the board.  Repeat with the other three groups.  Encourage the children to choose one of the suggestions on the board to work on during the week.

Sharing Time Ideas From Little LDS Ideas
Yesterday was our first day of school. My son started 1st grade, and was so excited. And my daughter started Pre-school…not so excited. Before summer she asked me everyday when she was going to get to go to school, and then a month or so ago she changed her mind. Today was better though, not as much crying. 🙂
On to my idea for this week. I’ve been thinking about it, but have had a hard time thinking of something for Jr. Primary. I decided to head over to Pergler’s Primary Place to see what she had planned, since she has some awesome ideas. I thought her idea for this week’s sharing time was great!
Another game that I thought of, that would work for Sr. Primary, is one that I call ‘High Chairs”.  I changed it a little bit for this Sharing Time. 

Here’s how to play:
Have the scripture phrases (the ones from above) typed in large font on pieces of paper or onto poster-board, with the scripture references at the end of the sentence. Then have the answers typed onto smaller pieces of paper (you’ll need 2 sets of answers). You can even throw a few ‘trick’ answers into the mix. 🙂
Up at the front of the Primary Room have a bell or a bicycle horn. Also have your commandment posters posted at the front of the room where everyone can see them. Have each poster covered. You could label them ‘1st commandment’, ‘2nd Commandment’, etc.

Split the Primary children into 2 groups/teams and hand each group a set of answers. 
Explain that the first four commandments Heavenly Father gave to Moses teach us that we should respect and worship God.  Tell them that each of these posters (point to your Commandment Posters) are the first 4 commandments, but they’re missing an important word. Explain that they are going to have to work as a team and read the scriptures to figure out the right answer. As soon as they find the answer have them bring the word up to the front and ring the bell/honk the horn.
As they find each answer have them attach the missing word to the blank. Then talk about each commandment and explain what it means. Have the children suggest what they can do to obey that commandment. Then move on to the next commandment.

This is a really simple game, but the older children love it!

Sorry my idea this week was late. But now that I have some free time in the afternoon (as long as my little woman takes her nap like she’s supposed to) maybe I’ll get some time to post more often. 
I hope all of you have a wonderful week, and a great Sharing Time!

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  1. bev

    thanks so much for your ideas each week. i am older in the primary pres. and so i do appreciate so much the things u post for us to use/ your ideas are always great
    many thanks again