I should honor my parents.: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for September 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (memorizing a scripture): Briefly review the commandments the children learned about last week, and ask a few children to share what they did to live those commandments.  Divide the children into four groups, and give one of the word strips shown below to each group (see Exodus 20:12).
Invite the first group to stand, repeat the words on their word strip, and sit down, followed by the other groups in order.  Ask the groups to pass their word strips to another group, and repeat the activity until all the groups have read each word strip.  Invite all the children to stand and repeat the commandment together.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a game): Divide the children into groups.  Ask each group to think of something they could do to honor their parents.  Invite each group to pantomime their action, and ask the other children to guess what they are doing.  When they guess correctly, ask one of the children in the group to write their idea on the board.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
Here are some ideas to help you with this week’s Sharing Time Theme: I Should Honor My Parents. I have included ideas that work for Jr. Primary as well as some for Sr. Primary. I hope you like the ideas and are able to use them this week.
I Should Honor My Parents
 Jr. Primary Idea
On a large piece of paper write/type the word “Honor”. Then find a picture of a Mother/Father/Family. On the bottom of the picture have the scripture reference: Exodus 20:12.
Hide the two items somewhere in the Primary Room.
Begin by explaining that you have 2 things hidden somewhere in the room. Invite a child to come to the front and find one of the items. Then invite another child to find the other.
First hold up the “Honor” sign and ask if anyone knows what it say. Once they know what the sign says ask if anyone knows what it means. Discuss what honor means.
Then show the picture of a Mother/Father and ask why these two pictures/items might go together (have something in common). Have the children read Exodus 20:12.
Explain to the children what it means to Honor our Father and Mother.
You may even need to talk about different family situations (Single Mother/Father, Grandparents etc.) and talk about the importance of honoring them.
Tell the children that today you are going to discuss different ways we can Honor our parents.
Activity Ideas
I like the ‘acting’ idea from the outline. It would work great for Jr. Primary. But here are some other ideas you could do.
Bean Bag Match Toss: Before Primary come up with several different ways the children could do to honor their parents: obey them, help them, be kind, etc.
If possible, find some pictures (look through past friends or online) that go with each idea.
On a square piece of paper (6X6) type/write the phrase that the children could do to honor their parents at the bottom and then attach the picture.
Something like this:
Clipart from ldsclipart.com
  Make 2 copies of each idea/picture.
To Play: lay the pictures on the ground. Explain that the children are going to be playing a matching game. On each of the squares is a way we can honor our Parents.
Invite a child up and hand him/her two bean bags. Have them toss the bean bags on to two different squares. Then have them go and flip over the cards to see if they match. If they match have them post the card (just one) onto a chalkboard/poster-board/bulletin board. Read the card aloud and discuss it a little with all the children.
Then continue by choosing another child to come to the front to toss the bean bags.
You could even have a few squares with a big question mark that says “How can you honor your Parents?” on the bottom. If a child picks one of these they can tell you what they could do to honor their parents.
Mother May I: I saw a few ideas of playing ‘Mother May I’. That would also be a great game for Jr. Primary. But I thought of another way to play that would help talk about Honoring our parents.
In a container have different phrases like:
I can honor my parents by obeying them. Mother May I take 2 big steps?
I can honor my parents by choosing the right. Mother May I take skips?
You could also throw in some ‘bad’ ones:
I do not honor my parents when I talk back. Take 2 steps back.
If you’re worried about having everyone playing Mother May I, then just have one person play at a time. When their turn is done have the next person stand in their spot. Have the child pick a Mother May I card out of the bucket and read it aloud. If it’s a way they can honor their parents (and they say Mother May I) then they can take the appropriate steps, hops, etc. written on the card. Once they reach the end the game is over.
Have a picture or scripture at the end that you can discuss to finish your lesson.

Sr. Primary Ideas

Who Am I: For Senior Primary I thought they could discuss different people in the scriptures.
Pick out 5 scripture stories where they honored their father and mother. Find pictures to match each story (Gospel Art Kit pictures would work great).
Back each picture with a piece of paper, so the children don’t see who it is. On the front of the picture attach one of the letters in ‘Honor’ to the bottom corner.
Have the pictures posted around the room(make sure they are posted so that they only see the blank paper on the back).
To Play: Begin by telling the children that today we are going to learn about a very important commandment. Posted around the room are pictures of people from the scriptures that obeyed this particular commandment. Today they are going to find each picture and guess who they are. Also on each picture is a letter. If the children guess the person they will earn the letter (have them post it on the chalkboard, bulletin board once done).
After they have found all the pictures and letters they must unscramble the letters to figure out what the commandment is about.
You can also have them read Exodus 20:12
Some stories you could use: Abraham and Isaac, Naomi and Ruth, Alma and Helaman, Lehi and Nephi, Mormon and Moroni, etc.)
As the children find the pictures read the story to the children. After you have read the scripture/story ask the children some questions like: ‘Who is speaking, or whom is being spoken of?,’ ‘Who are the parents?,’ ‘Did the person obey/honor?,’ ‘What happened when this person followed the teachings of the parents?’
Idea adapted from The Friend, July 1992:For their idea they used these scripture references:
1.    1 Nephi 3: heading, 1-9; 4:6-14 [1 Nephi 3:1-9; 1 Nephi 4:6-14]
2.    Jacob 7:27; Enos: 1:1-5
3.    Mosiah 27:14, Mosiah 32
4.    Alma 36:heading; Alma 37:1-2, 14; preface to 45-62, Alma 62:45
5.    Alma 38:1-4, 10:preface, heading; Alma 63:1-2
These are just some scripture stories/references that I found, but feel free to use any story you’d like. 🙂
Once all the stories have been found have the children unscramble the letters to spell ‘HONOR’. Then have them read Exodus 20:12 to read the commandment we are asked to obey.

Another Way to Play:

If you are worried about this idea taking too much time here’s another way to play:
Split the primary into 5 groups. Have the 5 pictures posted on a board (this time have them posted so that the children can see the picture. Have the letter on the back).
Give each group one of the scripture references/stories. Have them read the scripture references/story and answer the questions. Have them try to figure out who their ‘Scripture Person’ is.
Once they have it figured out have them find the correct picture that matches their scripture. When everyone has picked their picture have them come to the front and read their questions and answers aloud. Then have them post their ‘letter’ on the board.
After everyone has done this have everyone work together to unscramble the word.
I hope you enjoy the ideas I have shared for this week’s lesson. I would love to hear if you use any of the ideas, so leave me a comment letting me know.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!



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