I should do things on the Sabbath that will help me stay close to Heavenly Father: Weeks 3 & 4 Sharing Time Ideas for August 2012

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (memorizing a scripture): Tell the children you will give them some clues to discover an important message.  Write the first letter of each word in Exodus 20:8 on the board (R T S D T K I H).  Explain that the letters are the first letters of each word in the message.  Give the next clue by showing a picture of Moses and the Ten Commandments.  Then invite the children to look up Exodus 20:8 and read it together.  Let the children discover the connection between the letters on the board and the scripture.  Help the children memorize the scripture by pointing to the letters on the board as they repeat the scripture several times.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing and coloring): Divide the children into four groups.  Assign each group a paragraph from the “Sabbath Day Observance” section of For the Strength of Youth to read. Ask them to discuss the paragraph in their groups and then share what they learned with the other children.  Give each child a piece of paper, and invite them to draw some good things to do on the Sabbath.  Ask a few children to share their drawings with the rest of the Primary.  Encourage them to share what they learned with their families at home.

ENCOURAE UNDERSTANDING (doing a scripture activity): Before Primary, prepare a basket filled with pieces of paper representing manna to use during this activity.  Write the following questions on the board:

– What food did the Lord provide for the Israelites in the wilderness?

– How much were they to gather each day?

– What were they to do on the sixth day?

– What was different on the Sabbath?

Have the children listen for the answers as you tell the story of the Israelites gathering manna (see Exodus 16:11-31).  Ask them to stand when they hear the answer to one of the questions.  Let one child retell the part of the story that answers the question.  Then continue with the rest of the story.  When you are finished, talk with the children about why the Lord didn’t want the Israelites to gather manna on the Sabbath.  Have the children close their eyes and pretend to be asleep.  Quickly spread the “manna” around the room.  Ask the children to open their eyes and gather their share of manna (one or two pieces).  Ask the children to place the manna back into the basket.  As each child does so, ask him or her to share an appropriate way to keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Today I have a fun Sharing Time for all of you. The original idea came from Sugardoodle. I’ve changed a few things here and there, but I cannot take credit for this great idea. Here it is:
Sunday Sundae
For this Sharing Time you are going to be making a ‘Sunday Sundae.’ You will begin with a big bowl of ice cream. Beside the bowl will be several different toppings. The toppings represent activities that are appropriate to do on Sunday.
You will ask the children to share activities that they think are appropriate for Sunday. As they share their ideas you will add the toppings.
After all your toppings have been added you will talk about things that we shouldn’t do.
“What if we forgot to buy something at the store that we need for dinner. So, after church you just run in the store really fast and buy the item.”
Then you will add some coins to your Sundae.
You will say a few other things that aren’t appropriate for Sunday and add the topping.
You can then close by sharing a story from ‘The Friend’about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.
I have this Sharing Time typed up for you, so just click the link below to view it.
Some Other Ideas:
If you don’t want to do the ‘Sunday Sundae’ here is another idea:
Sabbath Day Charades: Have several different Sunday activities written/typed onto pieces of paper (read scriptures, visit the sick, etc.).
Invite a child to come to the front and pick a piece of paper. Have them read the activity and then act it out without saying anything. The first person to guess what it is gets to ‘Charade’ next.
Different ways to play Sabbath Charades:
-Give them a choice to Charade, Draw, or Mold (with clay).
Ask the children for Sunday activities, and as they share their ideas write them on slips of paper. Then use their ideas as the ‘Charades’.
One More Idea:
Sabbath Day Jars:I thought it might be kind of fun to have the children make their very own Sabbath Day jars.
A Sabbath Day jar is filled with appropriate activities for Sunday. Every Sunday the child can pick out activities for him/her to do by themselves or as a family. Here are a few examples:
·        Visit a neighbor.
·        Read and act out a parable or other story from the scriptures.
·        Go for a walk.
·        Write a letter to a missionary or someone you know.
·        Call your grandma and grandpa to say how much you love them.
·        Read one or more chapters from the scriptures.
·        Make a puzzle from a picture in a magazine everyone in the family has read.
·        Count or write down all the beautiful things you can see or think of that our Heavenly Father has given to us.
·        Ask your mother, father, or grandparents to tell you about their lives when they were children.
·        Using a brown paper bag, make a puppet of a biblical character.
·        Draw a picture of three of your blessings.
·        Do a secret good deed for someone.
·        Memorize the words to a favorite hymn or poem.
·        Read a story from the Friend.
·        Ask your mother if you may invite a friend for lunch or supper.
·        Learn about your ancestors and fill out a genealogy sheet.
·        Read a book.
·        Play a game.
·        Read and discuss a conference talk.

And that’s it. I hope all of you have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!



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  1. For those of you who didn’t do the Sunday Sundae today you really should think about it next week. This was an awesome Sharing Time for me. I even went on and did sunscreen because we went swimming on Sunday. I did paint because we work every other day and painted the house. I did motor oil (olive oil in disguise) for boating on the Sabbath. The kids loved this lesson and then as a treat I just did Cupcakes in ice cream cones because I felt bad for tricking them into thinking they were going to get ice cream! Thanks for this post Sheena!!

    1. Thanks Shawnna! I like the sunscreen and the ‘oil’ haha. I’m glad the Sharing Time went well. And I LOVE the cupcake ice cream cones.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Sorry I replied so late. These are the only ideas I have. I figured the idea from the outline could be one week and one of my ideas from above would work for the other.
      Sorry I wasn’t more help. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love the ice cream Sunday idea! I’m using it tomorrow and I can’t wait. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

    1. Glad you like it Micki. When I saw it on Sugardoodle I knew I had to share it. Let me know how it goes tomorrow. 🙂