I pray to Heavenly Father for strength to do what is right: 1st Week Sharing Time Idea for June 2012

***Update: Since I think all of you are so great (hehe), I decided to add a Sharing Time Outline that you can print out and use for this idea. I used the outline I shared from last year, but changed it to fit this theme. Enjoy!! (link is at the bottom of this post)

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing prayer): Show the children a telephone or another form of communication.  Discuss how it is used.  Ask the children how we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain that just as we dial a number to talk to someone on the phone, we can pray to communicate with Heavenly Father; we can ask Him for strength to do what is right.  Give each class a picture of a different kind of prayer (for example, personal prayer, family prayer, blessing on the food, or class prayer).  Ask each class to show their picture to the other children and tell them what type of prayer is shown and when, where, and why this type of prayer is said.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a game): Punch a small hole in the end of two empty aluminum cans, and connect the cans with a string.  Pull the string tight, and let the children take turns quietly saying into one can something they could pray to Heavenly Father for as they try to do what is right (for example, to tell the truth, to be reverent, or to be kind).  Let another child listen in the other can.  Share (or ask a child to share) an experience when Heavenly Father has given you strength to do what is right.  Testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and will give us strength to do what is right.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
I was supposed to finish this post last Friday, and then got too busy. And we’ve been going ever since. So here’s my idea. There are many different ways you could use this, so let me know what you come up with. Sorry it’s late!

I’ve been thinking about this Sharing Time for awhile, not sure what to do. But as I was thinking of ideas for last week idea came to me. 
Do you remember ‘Wimpy Wayne/Wanda’ from a past idea I shared? Well it’s time to ask for their help again. ๐Ÿ™‚
To begin your Sharing Time ask the children, ‘Is it hard sometimes to do what is right?’ Do you ever feel like you’re not STRONG enough to say NO? Today we’re going to talk about what we can do to help us have the strength to do what is right.
Next you will introduce the children to your helper: Wimpy Wayne or Wimpy Wanda
Share a few stories where Wimpy Wayne wasn’t ‘STRONG’ enough to do what’s right.
Maybe they hit their sister, called someone a bad name, cheated at school, etc.
Then tell the children that you have an idea to help Wimpy Wayne have the STRENGTH to do what is right. Have them guess what it is.
Tell them we should do this every day. 
We should do this with our Family and by ourselves.
We usually kneel down when doing this.
Keep giving clues until the children know what you are talking about. Next you could do the phone activity from the outline to explain that prayer is communication with our Heavenly Father.
After you explain prayer to the children ask them if they would like to help Wayne/Wanda.

Wimpy Wayne/Wanda Activity
The children will be helping Wayne/Wanda gain strength to do what is right by answering questions about prayer.
Have several scenarios or questions or scriptures about prayer. As the children answer the questions correctly have them add some ‘muscle’ to Wimpy Wayne/Wanda.
You can do your ‘muscles’ any way you want. Have your helper wear a big shirt and stuff it with small balloons. You could even call them prayer balloons and have them scattered around the room.
At the end of your Sharing Time your Wimpy Wayne should have the strength to do what is right.

How would you use Wimpy Wayne? Any ideas?
Let me know!
Below is an idea that I typed up. It’s a little different than the one above. You will be using weights for Wimpy Wayne. If you don’t want to use weights, then change the weights to balloons  for ‘muscles’ for Wimpy Wayne.

Click here to view my Sharing Time Outline for this weeks idea.

Have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!



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  1. I just found your blog. Where do I find about wimpy Wayne. Is it a doll?

  2. Wards: I just added an outline to help explain it a little better. Sorry about that, I completely forgot to add the link. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  3. Amy W.

    I love your blog! It’s such a help to me every week, so thank you for posting. I’m doing Wimpy Wayne this week and I’m using a pool noodle cut into chunks so that it will thread on the bar easily. Using different pictures, scriptures etc to help show how prayer can strengthen us. Thanks again!

  4. I love this sharing time and was all set to use your idea when I got sick, dang it! Hopefully I’ll find a way to incorporate Wimpy Wayne/Wanda into another sharing time.