I can receive strengthening power through Priesthood blessings. 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for October 2012

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (discussing the doctrine): Ask the children to hold up their hands and look at them.  Ask them how their hands help them play, work, and get ready for church.  Invite them to pantomime each answer.  Then ask them how people can use their hands to help others.  Explain that priesthood holders can use their hands to give blessings that help and strengthen us.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (seeing pictures and sharing experiences): Post pictures of the sacrament, baptism, confirmation, a baby blessing, and administering to the sick around the room, and explain what is happening in each picture.  Invite the children to trace both of their hands on a piece of paper and cut them out.  Have them write their name on the front of each handprint.  Invite them to tape one of their paper hands near a picture showing a blessing or ordinance they have received from the hands of a priesthood holder.  Choose a few hands, and invite those children to share their feelings about how the priesthood has blessed and strengthened them.  Tell the story of Jesus blessing the children from 3 Nephi 17:11-25.  Place a picture of Jesus with children at the front of the room, and invite each child to tape their second paper hand near the picture.  Explain that priesthood holders have the power to act in the name of Jesus Christ; they can bless us just as Jesus would if He were here.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I saw a great idea on Latter-Day Chatter. She had some hands already created and cut, and then passed them out to the children. Everyone wrote or drew a picture on their hand about a time where they received a blessing. Then she asked everyone to crumple their paper into a ball. On the count of 3 everyone threw them toward the front. She picked the hands one at a time and had the child come to the front and share their experience.

Another idea: Have a picture of: the Sacrament, Baptism, Confirmation, Baby Blessing, and Administering to the Sick at the front of the room. Have two hands for each picture (or you could have more than two). Write a word on each hand for that describes each picture. Then place the hands all around the primary room. Have the children take turns finding a hand. Read the word aloud and have them place the hand on the picture they think it goes with. After you have found all the words for a picture, discuss it with the children.

Have a great sharing time!



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