I Can be a Missionary Now: 4th week Sharing Time Idea for September

Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Primary Outline

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (sharing ideas): Write the following sentence on the board: “I can be a missionary now by __________________.”  Invite the children to think of things they can do to be a missionary now.  Have them share their ideas with someone sitting next to them.  Invite several children to write their responses on the board.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (hearing testimonies): Invite an older child to share the story of the First Vision, and invite another child to share his or her feelings about the Book of Mormon.  (Ask the children ahead of time so they have plenty of time to prepare).  Encourage all of the children to share the story of the First Vision or their feelings about the Book of Mormon with their families.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (singing a song): Ask the children to think of an action that shows how we can be missionaries and live the gospel now.  Choose a child to come to the front of the room and share his or her action with the rest of the Primary.  Invite the children to do the action as they sing, “Do as I’m doing” (CS, 276).  Repeat with other children as time allows.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
Here are some ideas that I have. Some are borrowed and some are ideas that I just came up with.

Pack the Missionary
At the front of the room have a picture of a missionary and a picture of a boy/girl. Ask the children what they think of when they hear the word ‘missionary’. 
They probably think of full-time missionaries in their black suit and ties and name badge. 
Then ask the children, ‘Who else can be a missionary?
Some missionaries may wear Sunday clothes and name tags every day, but we too can be missionaries right now!
Today we are going to help a missionary pack his/her suitcase and learn how we can be a missionary now. 
Have a picture of a missionary (you could always have a helper missionary too) and introduce the missionary to the children.
This is Elder/Sister _______ and he/she needs help packing his/her suitcase. 
Have an open/empty suitcase at the front of the room where the children can see it.
On a table beside the suitcase have several items that a missionary might need on his/her mission: Clothes (shirt, tie, shoes, etc.), name tag, Scriptures, Preach My Gospel manual, Passport, etc.
The object of this game/activity is to get the missionary packed!

Here is what you need to do:
In a bag or bucket have pieces of paper with each item that will be going in the suitcase written on it, you could also have a small picture of each item.
For each item that goes in the suitcase have a scenario or a way that the children can be a missionary now.
“You are at school and your friend starts asking you questions about the church. How can you be a missionary now?”

“You are invited to a birthday party on Sunday. When your friend asks if you are coming you tell her no. Your friend asks why you can’t come. How can you be a missionary now?”

“You are asked to read 20 minutes a day and write down what you read. You decide to write down that you read the Book of Mormon. You turn in your paper and after class your teacher asks you about the Book of Mormon.
How can you be a missionary now?”
There’s just a few ideas for you. 🙂 Now just attach the scenarios to each of the items.

To play the game:
Invite a child to come to the front and pick a piece of paper out of the bucket and show everyone what item he/she got. Have the child go find the item on the table and then have them read the scenario aloud. Have them tell you how they can be a missionary now. Once they’ve answered the question have them place the item in the suitcase.
Then continue on to the next child and item.
*Another way you could do this is pass the bucket around the room as you sing “I Want to Be a Missionary Now.” When the music stops whoever is holding the bucket, gets to choose an item.
When the suitcase is packed the game is done and the missionary is ready to serve!

Dress the Missionary
I actually thought about this idea last week, but never got around to posting it. I was on Sugardoodle the other day and saw that someone was thinking what I was thinking. 🙂
Have a picture of a missionary, choose a child, or invite someone in to be your helper. 
The object of this game is to dress the person like a missionary to show that we too can be missionaries.

Have the person stand at the front of the room and have a basket of clothes beside them. On each article of clothing have a scenario or a way that we can be a missionary now.
Serving others
Share a Book of Mormon
Invite a friend to church or an activity
You invite a friend over for Family Home Evening
You could also use the scenarios above

Have a child come to the front and have them pick an article of clothing. Read the scenario or way we can be a missionary and discuss it. Then add it to your person.
After all the clothes are put on and the scenarios are discussed show the children that the person is dressed just like a missionary would be.
Tell the children that we may not dress in Sunday clothes every day and wear name tags, but we too can be missionaries now. 

Ok, those were my 2 game ideas for this week. Now, here are some great ideas that I saw and would be great to use for this week also. 

Darcee over at Pergler’s Primary Place shares a great idea. I actually used it last week. I had to combine the 3rd and 4th week sharing time idea, so when I saw this idea I thought it was perfect. I just found a picture of a door and some pictures about missionary work and I was set.
Click Here to view Darcee’s Idea

Here’s another cute idea that I saw today from Malie at The Busy Coconut.
Click Here to view Malie’s idea.

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Have a great week everyone and a great Sharing Time!


OK I lied…one more thing, I have a couple of General Conference games that I will try to post tomorrow evening. I think they’ll  be alot of fun. 
Just as a hint, one includes Jenga!!!


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