{Sharing Time} By the Power of the Holy Ghost, We May Know the Truth of All Things

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Outline

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION: Read Moroni 10:5 together, and testify that the Holy Ghost will help us learn the truth. Tell the children that sometimes they may get a warm, peaceful feeling while at church, while doing acts of kindness, or as they pray and read the scriptures. Explain that this peaceful feeling is the Holy Ghost letting them know that these things are true and right. Divide the children into class groups, and have each group do one of the following activities: (1) Play the cube game from the nursery manual, Behold Your Little Ones (see pages 29, 31). (2) Share experiences of how the Holy Ghost has helped them. (You may want to invite a teacher in each group to share an experience first.)

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas


On a piece of paper, write several statements that are clearly true and others that are obviously false (such as “The sun is warm,” “Ice is hot,” “Stars shine at night,” and “Fire is cold” etc.).

To begin your Sharing Time

Begin by saying…What do you know? Do you know your name and where you live? Do you know colors and shapes? Do you know how to count, read, and spell?

Knowing things/knowledge is very important. Today I am going to test your knowledge. I need 5 helpers. Choose 5 children to come up to the front of the room and sit in a chair.

Explain that you are going to read several statements. If the statement is true have them stand up, but if it’s not true, have them stay sitting down.

After each of the statements you could ask, “How do you know?”

Explain that another way we can know something is true is through the power of the Holy Ghost. Read Moroni 10:5.


For this activity the children will be reading several scriptures about the Holy Ghost and how the Holy Ghost talks to us.

You will need pictures of a head/mind, heart, and ears. Have several of each and attach the pictures to popsicle sticks.

I provided a printable below with all the needed clip art. The clip art is from LDS.org.

Invite several children to come to the front and hand them their popsicle sticks with the pictures (head, heart, and ear). They will be listening to each of the scriptures and then choosing how the Holy Ghost spoke in that scripture.

You could have the scriptures hidden underneath chairs or just pass them out to the older children.

Have a child stand up and read one of the scriptures:

D&C 11:13

Helaman 5:45

D&C 8:2

Helaman 5:46–47

As the person reads the scripture have the other children decide which picture goes with that scripture and have them hold the appropriate picture in the air. Discuss the scripture with the children to help them understand what it means.

After each scripture you could have someone share an experience or you could read a story or sing a song.

If you have time you could also read some scenarios aloud and have the children decide which picture would go with that scenario.


As you are singing a song in Primary you begin to feel a warm feeling in your heart.

As you read the scriptures you hear a whisper that they are true.

End your sharing time by reminding the children that through the Holy Ghost we can know the truth of all things. Bear testimony of the Holy Ghost.

Click HERE to print my Mind, Heart, & Ears printable.


I hope you enjoy my Sharing Time idea for this week.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!



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