Fishers of Men Singing Time

Hey everyone!  It’s Natalie here from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team with free printables and a simple lesson plan for your own Fishers of Men Singing Time.

The plan for this singing time is perfect for the upcoming month when Sharing Time lessons are focused on missionary work and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It will also be helpful in reviewing and preparing songs for your Primary Program.

Fishers of Men Singing Time

Supplies and Preparation

You will need a few supplies for this fun, interactive lesson:

  • Fishers of Men Singing Time printables (download below)
  • Tape or glue
  • Paper clips
  • Play fishing pole with a magnet attached at the end of the line
  • Kiddie pool or crumpled blue butcher paper (optional)
  • Television and downloaded “Fishers of Men” video

To prepare you’ll need to download, print, and cut out the fish and song name tags.  Attach the song name tags to the backsides of the fish with tape or glue.  I traced my fish onto some different scrapbook papers and backed them.  I then laminated them because I know I will use these for many different lessons/family home evenings/activities.  Finally, slip a paper clip onto each fish.

I fashioned my fishing pole out of a dowel, baker’s twine, and a magnet.  If you have an actual play fishing pole or real children’s fishing pole (remove hooks) those will be great.  Just attach a magnet so the children will be able to “catch” the fish by the paper clip.

Want an even more interactive feel?  Choose some kind of vessel to hold your fish and act as a “pond”.  This could be a kiddie pool, a piece of blue butcher paper (bonus if you make brown rocks to adorn the sides), a few sheets of blue cardstock, or a blue plastic table covering.  The pond isn’t necessary, but it does add to the overall excitement and experience.


Start by showing the “Fishers of Men” video or reading the account from Matthew (Matthew 4: 18-22) and asking the children what it means to be a fisher of men?  After hearing some of their answers explain that today we can all be fishers of men.  We can help our Savior by teaching and sharing our testimonies of the gospel.

Toss your fish into your “pond” (kiddie pool/blue butcher paper/the ground) and explain that we are going to fish for songs that can help us know how to share the gospel or motivate us to be missionaries.  

Invite one child at a time to come up and fish.  Read the song title and ask the children to pay attention to the words and decide how this song could help in missionary work.  Go fishing as long as time permits.


Click HERE to download your Fishers of Men Singing Time printables!

I have provided a few blank song name tags.  You could add other songs your primary is singing for their program, some activity songs (Do as I’m Doing with Missionary actions – waving hello, handing out Books of Mormon, etc.), or short questions a missionary is commonly asked.  

I love Mary’s Missionary Singing Time Idea and Sheena’s {Singing Time} Balloon Rocket Review.  Both are great for getting your primary children performance ready.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you’re able to use these printables and if you do I’d love to hear how it worked for your primary.

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