Fasting & Prayer can strengthen my testimony: 1st Week Sharing Time Idea for July 2012


Sharing Time Idea from 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Prepare two wordstrips: Fasting and Prayer.  Invite two children to stand close together, and give each child one of the wordstrips.  Have another child walk between them.  Ask the first two children to securely link their arms, and ask the other child to try to walk between them again.  Point out how much stronger the children are when they are linked together.  Explain that fasting and prayer are more powerful when we use them together.  Write “Fasting and prayer can strengthen my testimony” on the board, and have the children repeat it together.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (listening to scriptures and participating in an object lesson): Ask the children to listen for things the sons of Mosiah did to become strong in the gospel as you read Alma 17:2-3.  Invite the children to flex their muscles each time they hear something that helped the sons of Mosiah become strong.

Lead a discussion on fasting by asking several questions such as:
– “What is fasting?”
– “Why should we fast?”
– “When should we fast?”
– “Why should we pray when we fast?”
(See Joseph B. Wirthlin, “The Law of the Fast,” Ensign, May 2001, 73-75).

Let every child who adds to the discussion hold on to one end of a piece of yarn or string.  Hold the other end of each piece of string in your hand.  At the end of the discussion, ask the children holding the strings to come to the middle of the room and twist all of their pieces of string together, making a strong rope.  Explain that each piece of string we add to the rope makes the rope stronger.  Help the children understand that in a similar way, each time we fast and pray we add strength to our testimony.

Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I wasn’t going to post anything this week. My sister had to go to girls camp in Utah, so her kids were up here with me for the week. We had a full week of fun activities, so that means no time to post.
But then I decided that I better post something. So here I am…..on Friday…..posting my ideas for Sunday. 🙂
I just took a look at Sugardoodle and saw this idea from a reader. When I saw her idea I loved the idea. The idea came from Emmalee Hammond (posted on Sugardoodle). Here is what Emmalee shared:
“I am using Joseph B. Wirthlin’s red wagon story from “The Law of the Fast”. I’m going to bring a red wagon to fill. I will tape quotes about prayer and fasting (when we fast, the examples of the sons of Mosiah and Nephites, why we fast, etc.) onto cans and boxes of food and a blanket. The children will pick one item at a time, discuss the quote, then place the item in the wagon to fill it by the end. Here is the wagon story: How well I remember my father, the bishop of our ward, filling my small red wagon with food and clothing and then directing me—as a deacon in the Church—to pull the wagon behind me and visit the homes of the needy in our ward. I remember visiting one family in particular: a sickly mother, an unemployed and discouraged father, and five children with pallid faces, all disheartened and hungry. I remember the gratitude that beamed in their faces when I walked up to their door with my wagon nearly spilling over with needed supplies. I remember how the children smiled. I remember how the mother wept. And I remember how the father stood, head bowed, unable to speak. Brothers and sisters, in a sense, you too can bring to a needy family a wagon brimming with hope. How? By paying a generous fast offering. -JOSEPH B. WIRTHLIN
This is such a cute idea.
There’s even a Mormon Message of Elder Wirthlin’s talk:
Just show a short clip of the above video. Then discuss fasting and prayer (use some ideas from the outline). Then pull in your little wagon and use EmmaLee’s idea from above. Have different things on each item that talks about Fasting.
For Senior Primary:
This week I am teaching Relief Society and I’m actually teaching on Fasting. So, I’ve been studying and reading alot about fasting. I thought these scripture references would be great for Senior Primary:
Why We Fast:
Doctrine and Covenants 88:76—To obey God’s commandment.
Luke 2:37—To serve God.
Alma 45:1—To worship God and show gratitude to him.
Mosiah 27:22–23—To receive special blessings, such as healing.
Alma 5:46—To gain a testimony.
Alma 17:3—To gain the spirit of prophecy and revelation and the ability to teach.
Alma 6:6—For the conversion of people who are not yet members of the Church.
Isaiah 58:6–7—To feed the hungry and clothe the naked.
Joel 2:12—To draw closer to God.
If you’re looking for a patriotic theme have some ‘Fasting Fireworks’. Make some fireworks out of toilet paper rolls and have these scripture references inside each one. You could even have a few other stories, scripture stories, etc. inside too.
But if you’re not into the ‘patriotic theme’ then just do something simple using these scriptures. You could place them in balloons. Or split the primary into groups and have each group look up and discuss each scripture. You could then close with the above video of Elder Wirthlin’s talk.
Sorry I don’t  have any other ideas, but I thought I would at least pass these along. Sorry they’re late, but I hope they can be of some help.
Have a great weekend and a great Sharing Time. 🙂



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