Balloon Pop Sharing Time Idea

This past Sunday the 1st Counselor in our Primary had a really fun Sharing Time. I thought I would share what she did.
She began by reading the ‘Parable of the Bicycle’ (She had an actual book with this story, but I don’t remember what the name was, but it is the same story as The Parable of the Bicycle.) After the story she talked about the Atonement with the children. After they talked she had a really fun game to play.
Before Primary she wrote questions (for Jr. Primary) on pieces of paper; (examples of questions below). The children took turns popping balloons, either by sitting on them or using a tack to pop it. Then she would read the question to them and they would answer them. The kids had alot of fun, even if they weren’t the ones popping the balloon, they all enjoyed watching the person pop it. The Sharing Time went really well!
For Senior Primary she changed it a little. Instead of questions on the pieces of paper, she had a Scripture references written. The children would take turns popping the balloons, and then would look up the scripture that was written on the piece of paper. They then would have to decide what the scripture meant and match it to the phrase that described their scripture. (On the board, she had written phrases that explained what the scripture meant). Some examples of scriptures you could use:
John 3:16, Moses 1:39, D&C 19:16-17

Tell/read them the story of Jesus Praying in Gethsemane and the Crucifixion and explain what the Atonement is, and then have questions/scriptures in the balloon.
i.e. What was the name of the Garden that Jesus prayed in?
Who appeared to Jesus in Gethsemane? Luke 22:43-44
Why did Jesus have to die for us?
What must I do so that I can be saved?

Singing Time Idea:
I remember when I was in Primary we played a game similar to this. But instead of Sharing Time, it was used for Singing Time. The teacher would ask a child a question that had to do with one of the songs they were learning. If answered correctly they got to pop a balloon, and inside of the balloon was a song.
I remember sitting there, as a sunbeam, wanting to pop a balloon so bad. I finally got my chance, my question was ‘Who is the President of our Church?’ My answer: George Washington! I thought I had done so good, until everyone started laughing, and of course I was so embarassed and started crying, haha. But I still got to pop a balloon!
This is such a fun and easy game to play, and the children really enjoy it!


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  1. Would you be able to ask her what questions she asked the little ones and what scriptures she used for the senior primary? Thank you in advance.

  2. Yes, I can call her and find out for you. And then I’ll send you a message or update the post. Thanks

  3. Awesome idea! I was already planning to read ‘You are Priceless’ to the Primary kids (for Sunday’s Sharing Time), but this will add a little fun to what will already hopefully a spiritual lesson.

    Great blog!!

  4. Diana,
    I sent you a message (through blogger). If you don’t get it, please let me know and leave me your email, and I will email it to you.

  5. Anonymous

    i am a young youth leader for our youth and i have a question, i have a game that im wanting to play with the youth..its where you put a slip of paper with a scripture such as (john 3:16) and blow the balloon up and tie it..then i choose a girl and a boy to come up..the first one to pop the balloon(only with their booties) has to recite the scripture word for word..if they do they win!! does that sound like a fun game for teenage youth…or any better ideas??

  6. Anonymous- I think that sounds like a great idea. Another idea that you could do…you could put each word of the scripture (written on pieces of paper) into the balloon. They will need to blow it up and then pop it. Once it’s popped they must put the scripture/pieces of paper in the correct order.
    I think they’ll have fun either way. Popping a balloon with your bums is a fun and silly game and makes everyone laugh. Let me know if that helps, and if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!! Sheena