Another idea for this weeks’ Sharing Time: I will follow God’s Plan

Update: Sorry, I forgot to add Jenn’s back-up plan to the cookie tasting activity. Here is what she said:
*Back Up Plan (if needed): If your first volunteer doesn’t choose the cookie, ask for two more volunteers so that all three items on display are picked and have them all take a bite together. The effect will still be the same for the person who choose the cookie. I made an extra salty cookie and tested it out so I could be sure it would taste bad and let me tell you….it was horrible!!

**I’ve also changed a few things and thought I would share them with you. I decided to have the children put buble gum into the ‘Happy Jar’. At the end I will give each child a piece and encourage them to ‘Chews to follow God’s Plan’.
And I am going to be doing the cookie activity a little differently. Here is what I’m going to do:
I will have 2 cookies (one good and one salty) sitting on a table. I was going to add M&M’s to the salty one to make it look really yummy.
Ask for 2 volunteers to come up and choose one of the cookies to eat. I was just going to ask 2 teachers, so the children didn’t fight over who got to eat the cookies. Have your volunteers eat their cookies. The one cookie will be really horrible. Have the teacher with the bad one really make it look bad.
Then explain that the scriptures teach us that Heavenly Father’s plan gives us freedom to choose right or wrong, just like choosing a cookie. Sis/Bro. chose to eat that cookie.
Choosing the right will lead to happiness and freedom while choosing wrong leads to captivity and unhappiness. Sometimes, like with the cookie, Satan makes choosing the wrong look enticing in an effort to lead us into sin. But Heavenly Father gave us the scriptures, and modern day prophets, so that we could learn of His plan for us and be able to make the right decisions, decisions that will lead us to happiness.

Display 2 more cookies and add a toothpick sign to each one (I will have a little toothpick with a little piece of paper that says ‘Good Choice’ and ‘Bad Choice’ on each cookie). Again ask for a volunteer. This time supply the volunteer with your scriptures and ask them to look up 2 Nephi 2:27 and read it out loud. Ask the volunteer to choose an item to eat. Will they pick the ‘Good Choice’ cookie or the ‘Bad Choice’ cookie; make sure they pick the good. 🙂
Use this as an example of how the scriptures help us to choose the right and be happy.

Alright, there are some quick little changes I made. I’m really bummed because I actually won’t be doing my Sharing Time tomorrow. My family is home sick :(. But I know it will turn out great and the children will really enjoy it. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Alright, so I finally decided what I am going to be doing this week for Sharing Time. Although I had some different ideas, that I shared yesterday, I am not doing any of them. 🙂

After thinking about them, I just didn’t feel like that is what I should do. And then I remembered something I recently heard (I think it was at the world-wide training). Someone was talking about teaching and that when we teach we don’t need to do anything fancy, have fun games and activities, etc. When teaching the gospel it needs to be simple gospel truths. As I thought about that tonight the thought came to me that maybe I’m trying too hard looking for a fun idea, when a GREAT idea has already been given to me.
I usually like to stick pretty close with what is in the outline, because the ideas were inspired. But the ideas that I shared in my previous post didn’t really go along with what was shared in the outline, so maybe that is why I just didn’t feel good about my ideas.
So, I scratched all my ideas and really thought (and prayed!) about what I should do this Sunday. As I was typing up my idea I began to get that wonderful feeling that this is what I should do. I love that feeling, don’t you!
So, enough blabbing from me. Oh, but first, I want to thank Jenn again, from The Best Me, for her wonderful idea. I am using it this Sunday along with some other ideas. I think the children will really love it!
Click Here to view/print my idea for this week’s Sharing Time!

Well, thanks for everything ladies and sorry for my delay on sharing an idea for this week. 🙂

Have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!!


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  1. Thanks! I was just wondering if I missed the “back up plan” if they don’t choose the cookie. I couldn’t find it. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I have a game planned but I just keep coming back to the fact that it doesn’t exactly follow the lesson that the General Relief Society received revelation the the children of the church need. I too try to make everything “fun” but sometimes feel like I lose the real meaning of the lesson.

  3. Anonymous

    *General Primary Presidency I mean.