4th Week Sharing Time Idea: I will Follow God’s Plan

Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing an object lesson): Display some beans or small rocks and an empty jar labeled with a smiley face. Tell the children that Heavenly Father’s plan gives us freedom to choose right or wrong. Explain that good choices lead to freedom and happiness, while bad choices lead to captivity and unhappiness (see 2 Nephi 2:27). Ask the children, “What commandments do you keep as you follow God’s plan?” Give a bean to each child who responds to the question. Write their responses on the board. Ask each child with a bean to share how keeping the commandments he or she mentioned will lead to happiness. Then let the child put his or her bean in the jar. Testify that we will fill our lives with happiness if we choose to follow God’s plan.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (making banners): Prepare a large piece of paper in the shape of a banner for each class. Write on each banner, “I will follow God’s plan by…” Explain that Heavenly Father’s plan gives us freedom to choose right or wrong, and what we choose to do every day is important to our happiness. Let the children work as a class to draw or write on their banner things they can do to follow Heavenly Father’s plan, and invite them to sign their names. Ask each class to share what they draw or wrote on their banner. Have the children march around the room while holding their banners and singing, “I will be valiant” (CS, 162). Display the banners in the Primary room.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I’ve been slacking again this week, sorry. But I do have a few ideas to share with you today. I may be adding one later in the week. I am doing sharing time this week and I haven’t exactly decided what I’m doing yet. I have a few ideas, but I’m still figuring it out. 🙂 So, if I come up with something new I will be sure to add that idea as well. But for now, here is what I have:
For the first idea I have typed up an actual outline for the Sharing Time. You will be playing a ‘Choices Game’. You will have 2 different containers, one labeled ‘I Can Follow God’s Plan’ or with a smiley face or something similar and the other container labeled ‘Bad Bucket’ a frowny face, etc.
I have also included some ‘Choice Cards’. On these cards are different situations where they either made a good choice or a bad choice. You will have the children take turns picking a card and then decide whether it goes in the ‘I can follow God’s plan’ bucket or the ‘Bad Bucket’.
When a bad choice is chosen you could discuss with the children the choice that should have been made. At the end of the sharing time you could encourage the children to try to alway Choose the Right.
You then could give each child a banner (the one from the outline) to take home to discuss with their family.
At the end of your Sharing Time remind the children that if we make good choices we will be happy and we will be able to live with our Heavenly Father again. But if we decide to make bad choices we will be unhappy.
Another idea that I saw that I really liked (I just haven’t planned it all out exactly) is from a previous Friend’ magazine:
They began by talking about how we are on a journey back to our Heavenly Father. And while on this journey we need to be sure and watch for the ‘road signs’ along the way.
Then they had several different ‘road signs’ with different scripture references on each one.
I am thinking of making up several different road signs with different scripture references that have to do with different commandments we have been asked to do.
But I didn’t think this would work for the younger ones, so I thought of making a ‘Road Trip’ board game.
On a large poster-board I will create a winding road. Along the winding road will be various forks in the road. Here is what I was thinking:
I will split the Primary into 2 teams (you could also just keep them all on one team). Each team will have a car. We will begin by having one child from the first team roll the dice.
They will then move that number of spaces, but if they reach a fork in the road they will have to choose a card from the ‘Choices’ pile. The cards in the ‘Choices’ pile will be both good and bad.
If a bad choice is chosen the team must go down the wrong path, which will then be a dead end.
Example: You have run out of ‘Spiritual Gas’ because you haven’t been going to church. Take the ‘right’ path.
I will then have the other team go and move their number of spaces.
When it is the other teams turn again I will ask them what they can do to get back on the right path. Since their last card said that they stopped going to church they will need to say ‘Start going to church again’. Then they will get back on the right path, BUT they won’t get to roll the dice until their next turn.
If they reach a fork in the road and a good choice is chosen from the ‘Choices’ pile the team will get to stay on the right path and move the remaining number of spaces.
(If the team rolls a 6 and they hit a fork in the road after moving 3 spaces and choose a ‘good choice’ then they will move the remaining 3 spaces on the good path.)
Along the road I thought of having squares that talked about good choices that we can make,
Example: You read your scriptures every night this week, take an extra turn.
You helped your Mom by taking out the garbage, move ahead 1 space.
Things like that. You could also add a few songs for the children to sing.
If you don’t want to take the time to make various forks in the road, just have squares with a question mark on it. It a team lands on it and picks a bad choice you can say they ‘Got a flat tire’, ‘ran out of gas’, etc.
Along the road you could discuss baptism, going to the temple, the things that we need to do in order to make it back to our Heavenly Father.
I haven’t quite gotten it all figured out yet, but I thought I would at least share what I was thinking so far. I will really start thinking about this idea, especially since tomorrow is Wednesday! And as soon as I figure out what I’m doing I will let you all know. 🙂
I also saw this idea and really liked it. I think it would be great for Jr. Sharing Time:
Here is a really fun idea that I saw it’s from Jenn of The Best Me. Click here to view her idea.
Thanks again and have a wonderful week!!


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  1. I’m honored!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity as well. You have a great blog.

  2. Anonymous

    I really like the road map game for the older kids. You are very talented and I want to thank you for sharing your ideas to make our sharing time fun and yet learning. G