3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for November: When I serve my family, I serve God.

For this week’s Sharing Time I thought it would be great to play the ‘Tom the Service Turkey’ game. But then I thought about it a little while and remembered there are others that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like we do here in the United States. So, I decided I’d better come up with some other ideas that don’t have to do with a ‘Thanksgiving’ theme.

Thanksgiving Theme Sharing Time Idea
For those of you who are doing a Thanksgiving Theme Sharing Time:
I would introduce the theme as shown in the outline; using the scripture, Mosiah 2:17. Talk about the importance of service, and then go on to talk about serving our family.
After you have talked about the scripture and service play ‘Tom the Service Turkey’.

An idea came to me the other night. I thought maybe Sr. Primary would like this version a little better. On each feather write an act of service: washing dishes, mowing the lawn, picking up toys, etc.
Have the feathers posted around the room. Choose a child to find a feather and bring it up to you. Have them read the act of service quietly to themselves and then have them act it out for the other children.
The first child to guess the act of service gets to find the next feather. Talk a little bit about that particular act of service. You could ask the children who in your family you could do that for. Ask them how that person would feel if you did that for them.

Other Service Game Ideas:
I found this idea in the June 1996 Friend magazine, and thought it was a cute idea:
Musical Hats: Bring six hats representing Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Grandma, and Grandpa. Have the children sit in a circle (on the floor or in their charis) and pass the hats from head to head while they sing “When We’re Helping” (Children’s Songbook, p.198). Use the names in the song.
As you finish the song, have each child wearing a hat tell why the person represented by that hat is important to him or her and how he or she could serve that person. Suggest that the children share this activity with their family during a family home evening.

-You could even play it like musical chairs and have the pianist stop suddenly and whoever has the hats has to share a way they can serve that member of their family.

Musical Dice: This is really similar to the idea above, but instead of passing around hats you can pass around a ‘family dice’. Make a large dice and on each side write a member of a family: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Baby, Grandmother, etc.
Have the children sing “When We’re Helping”. As they sing have them pass the dice around. When the music stops have the person holding the dice roll it. Whichever family member it lands on, the child will have to share a way that they can serve that member of their family.

Happy Home Charades: Print out a picture of a home. Cut the home into 9 puzzle pieces (or more if you’d like). On the back of each piece write an act of service that the children will be able to act out.

Place the pieces into a bowl. Explain to the children in Matthew 25:35–40, Jesus teaches that when we serve others we are also serving Him. When you serve your family members, it shows you love them and want them to be happy. You can strengthen your love as you serve each other, and as your family serves others. Service will bring joy and happiness to you and your family. Tell the children that today you will be playing charades, but also putting a puzzle together. You could tell them that they will be making a ‘Happy Home’.

Choose a child to come to the front and pick a puzzle piece. Have him/her act out the act of service that is written on the back. Once the other children have guessed what it is, have the child place the puzzle piece onto a chalkboard/bulletin board/poster board. Continue until all of the pieces have been chosen and the ‘Happy Home’ is put back together.

Explain to the children that when we serve our family we also are serving God. Explain to the children by serving our family we will have a ‘Happy Home’. Not only will it be filled with love, it will also be filled with the Spirit.
Here is a home puzzle you could use (from the Sept. 2004, Friend Magazine)

If you still need other ideas for games for this week you can look at the games I shared for Weeks 1 & 2. You’ll just have to change some things so that it fits with the theme of Serving our Family.
Click Here to view the ideas I shared for Weeks 1 & 2.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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