3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for March

There is Safety in Following the Prophet.
For this topic I have 2 ideas to share with you. These are just simple ideas that could easily be changed to fit your needs. Sometimes you just need a simple little idea to get your creative mind goin’. So, here are my ideas for 3rd Week in March Sharing Time, I hope you like them.

What you will need for this Sharing Time:
-‘There is safety in following the Prophet’-typed/written on a piece of paper, and cut into a puzzle (type and make a puzzle for 2-3 teams)
-Pieces of paper- to make a path, you will need a path for each team. Make one team’s path blue and another red.
-Questions- examples below

For this game, the children will be sent on a secret mission to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. The primary will be split into teams. Each team must follow their team’s path to each question/task. As they answer each question they will receive a piece of the puzzle. Even wrong answers will have a puzzle piece, but these pieces will not fit their puzzle. Once each team has gone through all of their questions, they will come back and sit down and put their puzzle together as a team. Once they have put the puzzle together, you can discuss the importance of following the prophet.

Before primary, pick out the number of questions you would like each team answer (examples below), making sure there is enough time to complete their mission during your 15-20min. Sharing Time. Once you have picked out your questions, you will need to type up each question, you’ll want the question typed/written fairly big. You will also need to type the 2 answer choices, each on their own piece of paper. After you have decided on a number of questions, you can cut your ‘There is safety in following the Prophet.’ puzzle. Make sure you have the same amount of puzzle pieces as questions. Then attach the puzzle pieces to the back of each of the correct answers for your questions. You will need to attach some ‘fake’ puzzle pieces to the back of each incorrect answer.

If you decide to do a path for each team to follow, you could have some signs that lead them off the right path (i.e.- go this way for a shortcut, this way for Free CANDY!!)
If you don’t want to make a path, just number each question, and tell the children to start with #1 question and then go to #2 and so on and so on.
Here is an example of how you could begin your Sharing Time:

I have a very important message to share with you today, but I have lost it. I need you to go on a secret mission today and retrieve all the pieces of your team’s puzzle. Once you have finished all of your tasks, you will need to come back here and put your puzzle together. Once you have finished the puzzle we will have our message. Just follow your team’s Blue/Red path until you find your first task/question. Underneath each answer is a puzzle piece. Be sure to follow the prophets counsel and answer the question correctly,because if you choose the wrong answer you will get the wrong puzzle piece.
Beware…you need to remember to follow your path/follow the prophet. There may be tricks/traps along the way, these are there to try to get you off course, but be strong. O.K. GO!

Have each question typed or written on a piece of paper. Then below the question have the 2 answers. Once the children decide which answer they are going to choose, they will look on the back of that answer and retrieve their puzzle piece.
President Lorenzo Snow told us to pay our tithing.
You receive $10 for your birthday you:
a. Pay a full tithe of $1.00
b. One-tenth is just too much to pay. Even if you pay a little bit that will be okay.

Presiden Joseph F. Smith told us to have Family Home Evening.
Before you go to school, your Mother reminds you that it is Monday night, Family Home Evening, and asks you to be home early. After school your friend asks you to come over for a little while, you decide to:
a. Go to your friend’s house, missing a few Family Home Evenings will be okay.
b. Tell your friend that you can’t. Monday nights are Family Night for you and your family, and you need to be home for that.

The prophets have told us to read the scriptures.
a.You only read the scriptures when asked by your parents or during primary.
b.You remember to read your scriptures every night.

President George Albert Smith said, “Be a friend to the friendless”
There is a new girl at school, that doesn’t know anyone. You decide:
a. I’m sure she’ll have lots of friends, and go and talk to your friends.
b. To go and sit with her. You begin talking and realize both of you like
a lot of the same things.

Some other topics you could make questions for could be:
Word of Wisdom
Attending Church Meetings
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
Keeping a Journal
Keeping the Commandments

Scripture Questions
Along with the questions given above, you could throw in some scriptures. Have them read a scripture about a certain teaching and have them identify what the prophet was telling the people to do.
Exodus 19:8 (Keep the Sabbath Day holy)
D&C 19:38 (Pray Always)

Another thing you could do is write up a short version of a few of the prophet’s teachings.
Have a picture of Noah (GAK 102) Underneath the picture post this short story of Noah.
The Lord called Noah to teach people the gospel. Noah had told them to repent and be baptized or they would be destroyed by floods, but the people would not listen. When the people would not repent, the Lord told Noah that He would “bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh”. The Lord commanded Noah to build an ark and gather two of each animal. When the ark was finished and everything was ready, Noah and his family boarded the ark along with the animals. The flood came and everyone was killed, except for Noah and his family, and the animals.
What should the people have done to follow the teachings of Noah?
a. They should have built a boat. B. They should have listened to Noah and repented, been baptized, and been obedient.

Once they have finished the puzzle, talk to the children about Following the prophet/there is safety in following the prophet.
I found this on lds.org from a previous Sharing Time idea, I always love how they so easily explain things for the children. You could close with something like this:
“Whenever we really love another person, we want them to be happy, to be safe, and to feel our love for him or her. Heavenly Father loves us very much. He wants us to know the things that we can do to be truly happy and safe in this life and to return to Him someday. One way He helps us know what to do is by calling prophets to speak and act for Him here on earth.
In the scriptures, we read the words of many prophets. They told the people of their times the things the Lord wanted them to know and do. Some people listened and were blessed. Others didn’t, and their lives were not as happy. Heavenly Father has also given us Latter-day Prophets. These prophets are called for us today, to guide and teach us. Throughout time the prophets have taught many great and important things. Even though some of the prophets lived many many years ago, we can still learn and live by what they taught.
President Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. Like the people in the scriptures, we, too, can choose whether or not to listen to his words and do the things he asks us to do. If we do listen and follow his counsel, we will be blessed. Our lives will be happier, we will be safer, and one day we will return to and live with Heavenly Father.” Bear Testimony of the importance of following the prophet.

2nd Sharing Time Idea:
What you will need:
-Several questions to ask the children
-Blindfolds for all or some of the children.

Have all or just a few primary children stand on one side of the room.

Share something like this with the children: Have you ever been lost? Was it scary? Wouldn’t have been nice if someone were right there with you telling you what you needed to do and where you needed to go? Well, while we’re here on earth, sometimes we may get a little lost. Somedays we may be faced with a decision to do something good or something bad. If we always choose to do bad, then we are lost.

While you are sharing this with the children, you or someone else blindfold the children, make sure the other children are watching the others get blindfolded.

So, what can we do/use to find our way? I will tell you the answer, Prophets! Heavenly Father has given us prophets today, to help guide and teach us. Throughout time, Heavenly Father has called different men to be prophets. These men have taught people many great and important things. Even though some of the prophets lived many many years ago, we can still learn and live by what they taught.

President Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. We can choose whether or not to listen to his words and do the things he asks us to do. If we do listen and follow his counsel, we will be blessed. Our lives will be happier, we will be safer, and one day we will return to and live with Heavenly Father.

Explain to the children that you will be asking them several questions, there goal is to reach you. Tell them to listen carefully to each question and think about what the prophets have taught us.

The answers to the questions will depend on how many steps they take toward you or away from you. As they choose the correct answer, answers that have to do with following the prophet, they will slowly reach their goal.

Some examples of questions.
You receive $10 for your birthday you:
If you decide to pay a full tithe of $1.00 take 2 steps forward.
If you think one-tenth is just too much to pay and decide to pay .50. take 1 step back.

You could use the examples from above. Have the children take different steps forward, backwards, and even to the side. Make sure the correct answer always moves forward.
Once someone has reached you, have everyone stand where they are and take their blindfold off. Explain to the children that the one child has made it to his goal, you could even hold up a picture of Heavenly Father. Explain to the children, by following the counsel of the prophet they will be able to make it back to their Heavenly Father. Explain to the children that by following the prophet we can be safe, and we will live more righteously and by living more righteously, we will be happy. Ask some of the children how it felt to be blindfolded. Go back to talking about being lost. Tell the children, as long as we listen to the prophet, we will not be lost.

Other Sharing Time ideas from other sites:
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Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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