3rd Week Sharing Time idea for March: We are led by a living Prophet today.

Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing the prophet’s teachings): Cut a piece of paper into four sections and place them over a picture of the current prophet. On the back of each piece write a teaching of the prophet. (Refer to conference issues of the Ensign or Liahona to learn what the prophet has spoken about recently). Invite a child to remove one piece of paper and act out the teaching. Ask the other children to guess what he or she is doing. Repeat with the other teachings. Show a copy of the Friend or Liahona and explain that we can read the prophet’s words today.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Have one child stand and and complete this statement: “I will follow the living prophet by….” Invite another child to repeat the first child’s statement, adding another way to follow the prophet. Continue as time allows, encouraging the children to repeat as many of the other children’s ideas as possible.

We are finally getting over our sicknesses around my house, yah!! So, I’m finally feeling better and able to think. 🙂
I’ve been thinking about my idea for this week’s sharing time for a few days now. When I first read what was in the outline I was a little nervous. It was so short and I wasn’t sure what else I could really do. I didn’t want to go way off topic or go into next week’s topic. But finally I came up with something. I actually am in charge of Sharing time for this week and am excited for it. I think the children will have alot of fun and will learn what they need to do to follow President Monson’s counsel.
I have 2 different ideas for introducing the topic and then a few games for Jr. Primary.
I always like to incorporate the scriptures with Sr. Primary, since they’re old enough to read, but I didn’t know what I was going to do for this week.
Then I thought….why not have them read from the Conference issue of the Ensign. I’ll probably print out/copy several copies of each of President Monson’s talks and highlight several passages form each. Then I’ll come up with questions from each highlighted section (this will help the children to find the answers easier). I have 3 different games that you could play for Sr. Primary that deal with the November 2010 Ensign (conference issue). I think it will be great to have the children read the Ensign and the games will be alot of fun also.
So there you go, my idea for Week 3. Hope you like it!!
Have a great Sharing Time!!


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