3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for February: Families are Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan.

Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Primary Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (memorizing): Write the following on the board: “Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan.” Discuss what this sentence means. Erase the sentence. Say the first two words, and ask the children to repeat them. Continue until the children can repeat the entire sentence.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (asking and answering questions): Ask several children in advance to represent families from the scriptures. Provide several clues about each family (for example, Adam and Eve: “Our family was the first family on earth”; Abraham and Sarah: “We were very old before we had a child”; and Lehi and Sariah: “We crossed the ocean to get to the promised land”), and give the clues to the children. Provide simple costumes, if possible. Ask the children who are representing the scriptural families to come to the front of the room, one group at a time. Have them read their clues and ask the other Primary children to guess who they are representing. After each family is identified, show the children where they can learn about this family in the scriptures. Tell the children how each family followed Heavenly Father’s plan for them.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing families): Ask the children to think of good qualities their families possess. Invite them to share these qualities with each other in groups or with the entire Primary.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t posted an idea! We’ve had a pretty busy weekend and beginning of this week, so that’s why I haven’t posted anything.
I’ve been thinking about this topic and have had a hard time because I like the one in the outline, I just wasn’t sure how well it would work for Jr. Primary. So I’ve been thinking and thinking and then I was on Sugardoodle and saw a really cute idea and thought of something to do.
Sorry I don’t have an outline for you to print out. This is just a list of some ideas that I had that I typed up really quickly. Hope they help. 🙂
Here is an idea from Kim (from Sugardoodle):
Family BINGO: Make a big bingo card on the chalkboard with clues, pictures or scripture references in each square about families in the scriptures. Make the middle (or central) square be a free square that says “Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan”. As you choose random squares, they can cover it up if they correctly answer who the scripture family is. See if you can get a bingo, or a blackout, before time is up.
Here’s is an idea I had:
Make enough BINGO cards for each children or enough cards for teams (like 4-6), using the idea from Kim.
Before Primary pick out your stories and ask some adults to help you act like the people from that scripture family.
For Primary: Begin your lesson by talking about Families. You could discuss how all families are different, but all families are special. Explain that all families are central to Heavenly Father’s Plan, etc. etc.
Split the children into teams and pass out the BINGO cards. Explain to the children that today they are going to be playing ‘Family BINGO’.
Tell the children that we have some very special visitors coming today. We have different families from the scriptures coming to Primary. Explain to the children that the people are going to come in and say something about their family. The children are going to have to work as a team (or individual) and figure out which family it is.
Once they think they know, have them place a marker on their BINGO card.
**If you don’t want to have people come in dressed up, you could have some pictures all around the room of different scripture families. Choose a child to pick a picure. Then read some clues aloud and have the children guess which family that picture is.
You could even put the family clues inside of balloons and have the children pop a balloon for each family clue.
I thought having people come in dressed as the families would help keep the children’s attention.
I loved this BINGO idea for Jr. Primary. So Kim thank you for sharing your great idea!!
Some Ideas for Sr. Primary:

Crossword Puzzle: Have different scripture references that talk about different Scripture Families as your crossword clues.
Split the Primary into 2 teams and have them solve the crossword puzzle. They will have to look up the scripture to figure out which family that scripture is talking about.
**You could make the crossword puzzle one big puzzle (on a poster-board). Or print it out onto different pieces of paper for each team (one puzzle per team). Have the team work together to figure it out and the first team to complete the puzzle correctly wins.

Who Am I: This is really similar to the idea in the outline, but with a little twist.
Pick several children to act as a member of a scripture family (or you could use teachers/adults). Give them the Gospel Art Kit picture that talks about that family and 3-4 clues.
At the front of the room have a table and 2 bells/buzzers.
Split the children into 2 teams. Have 1 member from each team come to the front and sit at the table. Tell the children that someone is going to come in and read some clues aloud. If the child (at the table) knows who it is have them ring their bell/buzzer.
Have them tell their answer. If correct their team gets 3 points. If they answer incorrect the other team gets a turn to answer.
If both teams have answered incorrectly give them one last ‘easy’ clue. The first child to answer will then receive 1 point for their team.

Guess Who: Have a panel of adults dressed up as several scipture people. On a chalkboard/bulletin board have several pictures of scripture families with their name on the bottom of each picture. I.E- Adam & Eve, Lehi & Sariah, you could just have their names if you can’t find pictures.

Split the children into teams. Have the adults introduce themselves by giving the children a small clue of who they are.
Have the teams take turns asking the adults a question (you could make it harder by having it be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question). I.E.- Did you live in the Garden of Eden? Did you have a son named Nephi?
Have the children ask the questions until one team knows who they are. If the children are having a hard time coming up with questions you could have a few pre-written questions that they could pick out of a bucket. Just have each family clues in different bags to keep them seperated. When the children are trying to guess ‘Adam & Eve’ pour their clues into the bucket. Put some real questions and some silly questions in there.
Once the children have guessed which family they belong to take the name off the board and have the person hold it.

Another way to do this: Have the names of each family you are using for your Sharing Time typed/written on slips of paper. Make a set of names for each team and place them in a bag.
Have your helpers sit at the front of the Primary Room. Have them hold a piece of paper or small posterboard with 3-4 clues written/typed on it. **If you don’t want actual people to come in, you could always have a picture for each family with the clues underneath each picture.

Tell the children that they are going to have to work as a team and figure out which family is which. Tell the children taht they are going to have to read the clues (you could even have a scripture reference as the clue) and when they think they know which family that person belongs to have them take their answer and place it on that person’s poster-board. You could have the teams place their answers inside of an envelope so the other team can’t see.
After each team has ‘Guessed Who’, read the answers aloud. As you go from person to person you could have them talk a little bit about their family and how their family followed God’s plan.

Well, there are some quick ideas for this week’s Sharing Time. Once again, sorry I didn’t have time to type up an actual outline, but I hope these will help you out. I think any game could work for this week, so get creative and have fun! 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions. I typed this up pretty fast, so I hope it makes sense. 🙂
Have a wonderful week everyone!!


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