3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for August: Jesus Christ has Power Over Death

Here are some ideas for this Sunday’s Sharing Time (3rd Week of August).
I didn’t type up an actual outline for this Sharing Time…just a list of some ideas that you could use.
Alright for my first idea:
I thought of having someone come in dressed up as Lazarus. Have him come in and share the story of Jesus Raising Lazarus (John 11:1-45). You can have Lazarus read from the Scriptures, read the story from the Gospel Art Picture (GAK 222) or you can use this story from the Friend, found Here.
(You could also have a few adults act out the story.)
After ‘Lazarus’ shares his story we are going to play a review type game.
(I figured for Jr. Primary one story would be long enough for them, but you could have 2 people come in and share stories.)
I have a few game ideas found Here, that you could use. But I’m thinking I may do the Balloon Pop game. I know the children (especially Jr. Primary) loved this game, and it kept their attention really well.
Just come up with a few simple questions and place the question inside of the balloon. Take turns choosing a child to come up and pop the balloon. Then ask them the question.
You could also do a type of Secret Code puzzle along with the Balloon Pop Game.
On a chalkboard or poster draw enough dashed lines for the phrase: Has Power Over Death. (that’s 17 blank lines). Underneath each line have a different shape.
On a piece of paper, write your question. Below your question write one letter that is in your word puzzle phrase and below the letter draw a shape.
For example:
Who did Jesus raise from the Dead?
(you’ll have the shape not the word)
Have them answer the question and then find the triangle in the Phrase Puzzle and write ‘H’ where the triangle is.
Here’s an example. Click Here to see my Word Puzzle.
Have the child answer the question and then show them the shape and the letter. Have them find where that letter goes. Once they find the right space/spaces write in the letter. Once the phrase is complete ask if anyone knows what it says. Ask the children ‘Who has power over death?’ Then show them a picture of Christ and tell them ‘Jesus Christ has power over death.’ Have them repeat the phrase with you. Then explain to the children what that means. Remind them of the story that they heard about today. Bear your Testimony.
My Second Idea:
I thought this would work better for Sr. Primary. When I read the idea in the outline I liked the idea of having people come in and act like someone from each story. Then I thought you could have the children interview them.
Give each class a scripture reference: The Raising of Lazarus (John 11:1-45); Raising of Jairus’s Daughter (Mark 5:21-24, 35-43); Raising of the Widow’s Son (Luke 7:11-16); and the Resurrection (John 20: 1-18). Ask each teacher to leave 5-10 minutes at the end of their lesson to read the story and come up with some questions. Explain to the teacher what you will be doing, so she/he can help with the questions.
For Sharing Time: Tell the children that today there are going to be some visitors coming to Primary. Tell them that they are going to share some stories with us. Once they have shared their story you will ask which group had this story. Then the class who read that scripture story will come up and take turns asking the visitor their questions. Once all of the questions have been asked and answered excuse the visitor and bring in the next visitor.
You could have a fake microphone and act like you’re on T.V. reporting News. Make it fun!
Some questions you could use could be:
Describe what you saw.
How was it possible for Jesus to do this?
How did you feel when you saw Jesus Christ do this?
What difference does this make in your life?
(You could give a list of questions to the teacher in case some of the children have trouble coming up with their own.)
Another idea you could do:
Instead of having every child come up with questions, have each class pick 3-4 children to ask the questions. In the Primary room have a table set up with 3-4 seats and a fake microphone at each seat.
You will be the News Anchor Woman. Have the first group of children come up and sit at the table. Pretending like a News show, introudce your News Show. You could call it ‘LDS News hour’ or something like that.
Then introduce your guest panel (the children). Tell the others that they are here today to interview a very important guest. Next introduce your guest (Lazarus). Have him come in and share his story with the children. After he is done have the ‘panel’ ask him their questions. When they are finished make some closing comments and then excuse the guest and the panel. Call up the next panel and introduce them and then bring in your next guest.
Those are my ideas for this Sunday, hope you like them.
~I also saw an idea on Sugardoodle that would be great for Jr. Primary. Click Here to view Athena’s Sharing Time idea (comment #5).
Have a great week everyone!


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  1. I love the first idea for our Jr Primary. The balloon pop game sounds so fun! Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  2. Great ideas! What did you have the children pop the balloons with??

  3. Becky- When we did this before, the children either sat on the balloon or used a push pin to pop the balloons. It was great. Thanks for the comment!