3rd & 4th Week Sharing Time Idea for April

Jesus Christ restored the gospel through Joseph Smith
It feels like I haven’t done Sharing Time in forever. Last month I swapped with the Primary President and did Sharing Time on the first Sunday, and this month we have Stake Conference on the Sunday I’m supposed to teach. So, I am kind of slacking on this idea. It’s been a long week, I’m sure alot of you understand those kinds of weeks. 🙂 But I do have some ideas, that hopefully can help some of you out. I’ve noticed that a few of you have said, that sometimes it takes someone else’s idea to get your mind working. And that is sooo true. That is usually how I get alot of my ideas. I’ll see something that catches my eye, and before I know it, my mind is full of all these ideas. So, even though my idea for this week isn’t anything great, hopefully it will get your mind working. And if you have an Amazing idea you’d like to share, please share with us. Just leave a comment or email me, and I will be sure to post your idea (with credit given to you). 
Enough chit chat….Here’s my idea for the 3rd & 4th week.
What you will need for this Sharing Time:
Gospel Art Kit Pictures:

240: Jesus the Christ
400 or 401: Joseph Smith
2 Pictures of a church, with the title ‘The Church of Jesus Christ’ written above it. I found a picture on Sugardoodle that you can use. Click here to see it.
Type or Write, April 6, 1830, on a piece of paper. You’ll want it to be pretty big, so all the children can see what it says.
A picture of a church cut up into pieces (like the one in the Sharing Time Outline). This will be part of the game. On each piece write a scripture reference (examples below). You may want to draw an outline of the church onto a posterboard, so that it’s easier to put together.

On a chalkboard or bulletin board, post the picture of Jesus Christ. Tell the children that when Christ was on the earth, he established his true church. Post the picture of the church beside the picture of Christ.

Explain to the children that after Jesus and his Apostles died, (take the picture of Christ off the board) many truths of the gospel were lost. Then tell the children that soon the members of Christ’s church became wicked and the true Church was taken from the earth. Take the picture of the church off the board. Cut up the picture of the church (or before primary make an extra one and cut it up into puzzle pieces).
Now, post the picture of Joseph Smith onto the board. Then tell the children about Joseph Smith. Tell the children that Jesus told Joseph it was time for the true Church to be on the earth again.

Post the ‘April 6, 1830’ sign. Ask the children if any of them know what happened on this particular day? This is the day that the Church of Jesus Christ was restored once again on this earth. That was 180 years ago.
Does anyone know what it means to restore? Explain to the children what it means. Show the children the cut up pieces of the church. Start putting the pieces back together, but put some of the pieces in the wrong place. Ask the children if the church looks like it did in the beginning. No. In order for this to be restored it has to be exactly how it used to.

Explain to the children that there are many churches on the earth today, but there is only one true church. Ask if anyone knows what church that is. When Jesus Christ established his Church on the earth he had important blessing/principles/ordinances that he taught. These things are very important part of Jesus Christ’s church. Today we are going to learn about these and restore the ‘church’.

Explain to the children that scattered around the room are pieces of the picture of the church. They will take turns finding the pieces of the church and putting it together. On each piece is a scripture (or you could just have the word). You will need to read the scripture to find out what part of the church it is talking about.
Talk a little bit about each principle that is found.

Once all the pieces are found and the church is restored, you could sing, “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ”. Then explain to the children why each of these pieces are so important. Explain to them that if one was missing, then the gospel would not have been fully restored. The true Church of Jesus Christ would not be on the earth. You could talk a little bit about Joseph Smith, and all that he did. Bear testimony of the Gospel and Joseph Smith.

Ideas for Scripture references:

LDS Living has some great scripture references as part of their Sharing Time idea that you could use. Shauna Gibby also shares a really cute idea for this Sharing Time theme on LDS Living.
Click Here to view their Sharing Time idea and also the Scripture references.

For Senior Primary
I would start this the same as above. Explaining to the children that while Jesus Christ was on the earth he established his gospel. After he died, his Church was taken off of the earth. Go on to tell the children about Joseph Smith and the restoration. Explain to the children what restoration means, etc., etc.

Some Game Ideas:

Crossword Puzzle: Using the scripture references, make a crossword puzzle. In order for the children to figure out the word on the crossword puzzle, they will have to look up the scripture.

LDS Squares: I shared this idea awhile back. Click Here to view the idea. Just make up several questions regarding this topic. They can be True or False, Multiple Choice, Scripture Reference (look up the scripture and answer a question), etc.

Golf: Have cups in the front of the room. Have each cup worth a different amount of points. Split the children into 2 teams. Take turns asking each team a question or giving them a scripture reference. If they answer the question correctly, they get a change to golf.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Draw up a big tic-tac-toe grid. You could do this 2 ways: Split the primary into 2 teams, X’s & O’s. Have a scripture reference in each square. Take turns choosing one person from each team to choose a square. They must look up the scripture and tell you what part of the gospel that is, i.e. Apostles, Priesthood, Revelation, etc.
Another way: Just have a blank grid, and let the children choose a square. Then have them look up a scripture or ask them a question. If they answer correctly, they get the square. If answered incorrectly, the other team gets a chance to steal!

-For other game ideas you could use, click Here!
-And here is a story from the Church website, that you could use to explain what ‘restore’ means to smaller children. It even includes a puzzle that you could use also.: Click Restoration to read.

Well, I just want to thank all of you again for all of your wonderful comments and support. I truly love doing this! Have a wonderful weekend!


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