2nd Week Sharing Time for June

UPDATE: So ever since I posted my idea for the 2nd Week Idea for June and then realized that half of my lesson is actually something that is being used for the 3rd week lesson (in the Primary Outline), I just haven’t been 100% happy with my idea. I feel that ‘Inviting the Spirit’ needs to be discussed as part of the 3rd week. I think it could go along with the 2nd week, but I don’t want to use an idea that is also going to be used the next week. But the thing is I am getting ready for our next Primary Activity, which is tomorrow, so this is the only thing I came up with off the top of my head that goes along with the topic for the 2nd Week of June.

Alright, so in my Sharing Time idea that I had for the 2nd week, I have a Blindfold Game (Where one child is blindfolded another gives directions, etc.) You could play the Blindfold game more than once instead of just to introduce your topic. Have something to hide that the children must find. I think different scriptures that talk about the Holy Ghost and the different ways we can feel the Spirit would be great. Choose a child to be blindfolded. Hide the scripture in the room and show the child that is giving the directions. Then have the child begin whispering directions to the blindfolded child. Have some children talk loudly or make some kind of noise to make it harder for the child to listen. After they have found the object, read the scripture and then discuss it with the children.

I know the 1st Counselor in my Ward found an idea that she thought she would use for her Sharing Time. It talks about Recognizing the Spirit and it is found on the LDS website. It is the 3rd idea for the Aug. 2007 Sharing Time. If you don’t want to use socks, just use a box with a hole cut in the top. Click here to view this idea.

Alright, I hope this can be of help to some of you. And sorry again for failing to read ahead and notice that my game should be for Week 3.
Have a wonderful weekend. And I will be posting about our Primary Activity very soon!! Thanks.

Here is an idea that you can use for Sharing Time for the 2nd Week of June 2010.
I thought that it would be good to have the children see how hard it is to listen to a whisper when there are so many other things distracting us. I did this by having a child blind-folded, a child to whisper directions, and 2-3 children talking loudly to distract the blind-folded child. The child is trying to direct the other to an object. After the object is found have the child discuss with the others how hard it was to hear that quiet whisper.
Then you can go on to discuss the Holy Ghost and how it speaks in a still, small voice.
I have also included a game to play. I thought that it would be good to tell the children that in order to hear the Holy Ghost’s still, small voice, we must first invite the Spirit. When we do things that we are asked to do, we will have the Spirit with us, but when we do things that are bad, we cannot.
(I just noticed in the Primary Outline that they do something similar to this for the 3rd week of June, but I think it goes well with this week also.)
This is just a simple idea, but it will teach the children about the Holy Ghost, and I think they’ll have fun at the same time.
Click Here to view my Sharing Time idea for 2nd Week of June.
I also saw a cute idea that would work really well for Junior Primary. It came from my ‘Sunday Savers Sharing Fun!’ CD. You can purchase the book or CD from Seagull Book or Deseret Book.
She has a game that has to do with inviting the Spirit. But she included little invitations that say ‘You’re Invited’  up at the top and then it says, ‘Because I…’ and then below has a picture and then says something like: …I read my scriptures! She has several of these little cards/invitations with different ways to invite the Spirit on each one. The children take turns choosing an invitation and then puts it in an envelope addressed to The Holy Ghost. Then they deliver the invitation by putting it into a manilla envelope or a mailbox.
This helps the children to know what things they can to to invite the Spirit.
(There is also a really cute Memory game for Week 1 of June on the CD.)


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  2. Keith,
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  3. Hi Jenny,
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    Does anyone else know anything about this?? If you do can you head on over to Mormonshare (link above) and share any info you have. Thanks!