2nd Week of August Sharing Time Idea: Jesus Christ Can Heal the Sick.

So, once again I am being lazy this week. 🙂 Last week we were gone to a Family Reunion in Boise. I thought that I would have time to sit in our hotel and post an idea for this week, but I was wrong. I don’t know why I always think I am going to have time to do all these things when we go on vacation…because I never do. So that is my excuse for posting this so late and for not typing up an actual idea. Sorry. 🙂
For this week I am going to share a few ideas that you can use this for Sunday.
1. I really like the idea that is in the outline. But I did have an idea that you could do, especially for Jr. Primary. In the outline they have you split the children into groups and discuss one of the stories where Jesus heals someone. Great idea!
I thought it would be kind of fun to print out the Gospel Ark Kit pictures (or make copies of pictures) for each story that you will use and cut it into puzzle pieces. As you read the story have the children put the puzzle together to figure out what story it is. Or you could read a little bit of the story and then ask them a question. If they answer correctly, they get a puzzle piece. Continue reading and then ask another question…then give them another piece of the puzzle.
You could do this in individual groups or as a whole primary. If you split the children into groups leave time at the end for each group to come up and show their puzzle and retell the story in their own words.
I think by having the children retell the story it will help them to remember this story and to learn about Jesus Christ. After each group has shown their puzzle, bear testimony of Jesus Christ

2. For my next idea I am going to share what the 2nd counselor in my ward did last month for her Sharing Time. I’ve changed it just a little so it goes along with this week’s theme. At the front of the room she had different objects (i.e.-gauze, glasses, bread, etc.) She also had a large dice. Instead of having numbers on the dice she had things like: eyes, fish and bread, death, etc. (she had pictures for each word). She chose a child from one of the classes to roll the dice. Then she would ask what object goes with that word/picture. Then around the room were different GAK pictures. She had the whole class get up and look for the picture that went along with that object (whichever class the child that rolled the dice belonged to got to get up and find the picture). Once they found the picture they would discuss the story.

Look at the stories and find a picture for each story. Then make your dice and choose your objects.
Some ideas you could use…
Jesus healing the 2 blind men (Matthew 9:27-31)- Dice: have eyes; Object- you could have a pair of glasses.
The Nobleman’s Son (John4:46-53)– Dice: have a picture of someone sick with a thermometer in their mouth; Object- you could have medicine, a thermometer, something to do with being sick.

So, have a child come up and roll the dice. Let’s say they rolled the ‘Eyes’. Have them go to the objects and choose what goes along with eyes….glasses. You could then have them guess which picture it goes with…or…read them the story then have them find the picture. After you have read the story ask the children ‘How did Jesus heal in this story?’
After all the stories have been read bear testimony of Jesus Christ.

3. Make a crossword puzzle (this would be best for Sr. Primary). For the clues have a scripture reference and a question. Have the children read the scripture and then answer the question. The answer to the question can be the word for the crossword puzzle.
Some ideas you could use…..

 Luke 17:11-14; How many men did Jesus heal? Ten
What disease did the men have? Leprosy
John 5:1-9; When Jesus healed the man what was he able to do? Walk

This is a fun way for the children to read scriptures and learn about Jesus healing the sick.
Here is a website that will create a crossword puzzle for you. I created one and then drew it onto a poster-board.
4. Tic-Tac-Toe: Make a large Tic-Tac-Toe grid. In each square you could have a picture or a scripture reference. Have the children read the scripture and then ask them a question. They must answer the question correctly in order to put an ‘X’ or ‘O’ in that square. If they answer incorrectly the other team gets a chance to answer the question. You could use the example questions above.

Alright, so there are my ideas for this week’s sharing time. I hope these can help some of you out. And I apologize again for posting this so late. Have a great week!!!


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  1. Love the crossword puzzle and tic-tac-toe idea- this will be a BIG help for my senior primary! Thank you so much!!!