Sharing Time Ideas for October: Following the Prophet Will Help Us Come Unto Christ & Sharing The Gospel Helps Others to Come Unto Christ

These are some ideas I shared in 2010. Take a look and see if any will help you out.

I cannot take any credit for the ideas that I shared for this week. Both ideas came from past issues of ‘The Friend’.
The first idea is a ‘Guess Who’ game where the children dress up and give the other children clues.
The second idea is a board game that has to do with what the Prophets have taught. I have included an ‘example’ game board. It’s small, so you’ll have to make your own, but that isn’t hard to do. I just wanted to show you an example.
Both are great ideas that the children would enjoy. If you don’t have any clothes for the children to dress up in, then click Here to view how to make ‘No Sew Scripture Clothes’.
Click Here to view my idea for the 1st Week Sharing Time for October.
Now for the second week’s idea. I did a Sharing Time last year very similar to this. The topic last year was ‘By Following the Gospel Standards I can be a Missionary Now!’ I just changed a few things, used the ideas from the Primary Outline and there you go….a Sharing Time idea.
For this week the children will be fishing. You will be sharing the story, ‘Calling of the Fishermen’, with the children and then discuss what they can do now to prepare to be missionaries. It is alot like the ideas in the Outline, but with the addition of the fishing game and the ‘Calling of the Fishermen’ story.
UPDATE: I never got my old handout to work, but I came up with a new one. It’s just a cut-out fish with ‘I can prepare now to be a missionary’ and on the tail is a scripture. There are 2 different scriptures that you can use (I’ve included each one). Just print and cut out the fish, and to make it an extra special treat attach a small back of Goldfish or Swedish fish treats (or any kind of fish treats). You could even do gummy worms, since you use worms when you fish. 🙂 Hope you like it!!
Click Here to view my Sharing Time idea for Week 2 of October!
Click Here to view my Handout idea for this week’s Sharing Time!


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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I love that you shared the great fish clip art and your hand out samples. It is wonderful that you share your hard work and allow others who may not have the same talents to have access the resources you’ve created and benefit their primary children.