Primary Talk Ideas for February

While looking for Sharing Time ideas I came across some wonderful poems that would work great for talks this month. The first two came from past ‘Friend’ magazines. The last two came from a book that my Mother gave me. The title of the book is: ‘Teeny Tiny Talks; volume five’.
We’ve all had those times (Saturday nights) that we completely forgot about the talk our Son/Daughter is supposed to give. So I’m hoping that these will be of help. Find some pictures that go with the talks and you’ve got it made. 🙂
A Plan for Me
Friend, Jan. 2009
I know my Heavenly Father
Wants me to obey,
To follow His commandments
And return to Him someday.
I know my Heavenly Father
Wants me to be kind,
To love my friends and family
With all my heart and mind.
I know my Heavenly Father
Wants me to choose the right,
To know His word and do His will
With all my strength and might.
I know my Heavenly Father
Has a plan for me.
I know I can fulfill it
If I live righteously.
I Shouted for Joy
Friend, Mar. 2008
I shouted for joy when I heard of God’s plan
To create an earth for the family of man.
I shouted for joy when He told us that we
Would each have a body and our own family.
I shouted for joy when I learned we’d be free
To choose to do right and to use agency.
I shouted for joy but I knew that each sin
Would keep me from coming again unto Him
To live in His presence in mansions above.
But I shouted for joy when I learned of God’s love,
A love that would offer His very own Son
To atone for my sins and mistakes, every one.
I shouted for joy when I heard of God’s plan
And felt the pure love of the Savior of man.
I Lived with Heavenly Father before I came to Earth.
Written By Kimiko Christensen
Before I came to earth,
I lived with God above.
I was His spirit child,
Surrounded by His love.
He knew me like He knows me now
And took good care of me,
Teaching me about His plan,
And living happily.
I loved my home in heaven.
Someday I’ll go back.
Keeping this great truth in mind
Helps me stay on track.
In the premortal life, I chose to follow Jesus Christ
Written by Kimiko Christensen
There was a war in heaven
Over who would save the world from sin.
Lucifer wanted the glory,
But thankfully, he did not win.
Jesus had a better plan
Where we would have agency.
We would get to choose all by ourselves
Whether to be captive or to be free.
I chose to follow Jesus.
That’s why I’m here today.
His gospel makes me happy
Each and every day.

Talks that can be used for the 2nd Week of February
These talks came from previous issues of ‘The Friend’ and would work great for the 2nd week of February.

The Creation
By Lisa Phipps
Friend, Jan. 2005

On the first day God said, “Let there be light,”
And He separated the day and night.

On the second day God created sky.
He painted it blue with clouds floating by.

On the third day God made the land and seas.
He added green grass, bright flowers, and trees.

On the fourth day God made stars twinkle bright.
He made the moon for a little more light.

On the fifth day God made owls, ducks, and larks.
He filled the sea with whales, dolphins, and sharks.

On the sixth day God made creatures on land
Like deer, frogs, dogs, zebras, woman, and man.

On the seventh day God said all was blessed.
He smiled happily and took a rest.

(See Gen. 1:1–2:3.)

By Elsie Palmer
Friend, Nov. 2008

God made the world so wonderful
With mountain peaks to hike,
And hills and vales and rocky trails
Where I can ride my bike.

God made the world so wonderful—
The beach, the raging sea,
The quiet stream where I can dream
Of things I want to be.

God made the world so wonderful—
Made sunshine, warm and bright
That lights the day so I can play;
His moon stands guard at night.

God made the world so wonderful—
Made trees with grass below,
And corn and wheat that I can eat
To help my body grow.

God made the world so wonderful—
Made birds with feathered wings.
He gave me dogs and leaping frogs
And creeping, crawling things.

God made the world so wonderful
Then at the end, you see,
Before He’d rest He made the best,
For that’s when God made ME!


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  1. Thanks for the ideas! My daughter used “Creation” for her talk today and it went great!