Package Swap: Activity Days Idea

A few years ago we had the opportunity to live in beautiful Hawaii. And while living there I was called as the Activity Day Leader. I loved it! I thought that calling was so fun.
Anway, one of the activities we did was a package swap. At the time I belonged to the Activity Day Yahoo! Group. So, I posted a message on there and asked if anyone would be interested in doing a pen pal/package swap activity.
Well, I got lots of replies. I didn’t want to be mean, and turn anyone away, so I came up with a way to include everyone, I think there was probably 12 groups total. We had a group from England; Australia; Utah; Arizona; Texas; Brazil… Yeah, there was alot, and that was probably my mistake. But I was hoping it would work.
So, I went to work getting my first 2 packages ready. I typed up an Information Sheet (It was alot like a spotlight sheet, asking the girls a bunch of questions about themselves.) We also included an information sheet about different Hawaii Facts. We went to the market there and found some bracelets for cheap, and post cards. I made a DVD for each group with sights from Hawaii. I also video taped the girls, some of the girls took Hula lessons, so I went and taped them at their class. We took pictures, and I had them write their testimony.Oh, and one of the ladies thought it would be fun to include a world map in there, and have everyone put a little sticker where they were from and draw a line to where they were sending it.
The Activity Day girls and I were so excited, but I’m sad to say it was never finished. We sent out our packages, but they never made it around to everyone, eventually someone received them, but never got it sent out.
So, my idea to you is to do a package swap, but to not include so many people, haha. I think the most you would want is 3 groups total. Just have fun with it. You can put anything in the box that you want. I think the reason we did this is because in their Faith in God booklet it gives an example of an activity to learn about different cultures. And what better way than getting information from the people themselves.
We had so much fun getting the packages ready, and the groups that received the packages really enjoyed them.


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  1. KrisyG

    What a fun idea – thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, just found your blog – love your ideas. I just got called to A.Day leader so this will be a hit. Check out my blog: