Church Clean-up Race

 So, today I am going to share an idea for Activity Days. After I did this I actually shared it on Sugardoodle, so you can find this on that site also.
While living in Hawaii, I had heard people (from the ward) saying that they were having a hard time finding people to clean the church. So, I thought of a way to clean the church, but have a good time doing it.
I made up a list of different tasks that the girls could do, along with how many points they were worth. Here’s what my list looks like:
I split the girls into teams, and had one adult per each team (they helped keep track of the jobs that were done, and the points) I let them look over their lists for a minute to decide what they wanted to do. Then off they were to start cleaning. One of the teams decided to send 1-2 girls to do one job while the others did another, this worked out really well.
It was so much fun seeing those girls running around with their bright yellow gloves on, racing to beat the other teams. And when it came to cleaning the toilet, no one complained because it was worth so many points! It was such a hit.
I had all the cleaning supplies all together at one spot (I stayed there to help keep track of what the girls did). When they were finished with one task, they would come and drop off their cleaning supplies and go on to the next item.
After time is up, have everyone finish what they’re doing and then meet together. Add up everyone’s points and see who won! When we did this, the two teams actually tied! So everyone got a big candy bar, and while they were eating their treat we talked about the importance of keeping the church clean. Explaining that this is the Lord’s house.
So, there you go. If you’re looking for good, ‘clean’ fun, do this Church Clean-up Race.
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This document was created in Microsof Word. The clipart used is from Word.


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  1. This is Great! The scribbed site won’t let me download this. I have been trying for a while. Would you be able to email it to me at amomof3 @ Thank you, Elizabeth

    1. I have moved the file over to, so there shouldn’t be any more problems downloading. Thanks!