“Mini” Ministering M&M Note Cards

Hey Friends! Emily here from Hey Friend Design Shop. I’m thrilled to pop in here today to share a darling Mini Ministering Note Cards printable for Primary.

Mini Ministering Note Cards

Sometimes the best ideas are a group effort. This note card is one of those awesome ideas. A sweet sister posted on the LDS Primary Presidencies and Sharing Time Face Book Group (AMAZING Group!) was looking for an idea that was a type of spotlight, or caught being good award. However, her ward wanted the focus more on the meaningful, kind, and helpful things children had done.

There were so many wonderful suggestions given, but one idea stuck with me. Ministering. Two sisters, had the same idea of “Mini” Ministering or M&M.  This was especially relevant following the changes made in our LDS General Conference this past month on Ministering to others. And Primary is the perfect place to encourage and foster “Ministering” in our children.

I LOVED the idea and quickly got to work. I kept the Mini Ministering Note Card simple. It’s one page with 6 cards per sheet, 3 boy and 3 girl. The back is blank and perfect for adding a simple “I Noticed…” note about the service or ministering you had noticed the children doing. Then the notes can be stapled to fun-size package of M&M’s. Super Easy.


Mini Ministering Note Cards

These Mini Ministering Note Cards would work in many different ways. One idea would be to share a few during opening (or closing) exercises each week to encourage and model Ministering for all the Primary. You’d need to notice good behaviors or service, write notes, and then have ready to share the next week.

The Note cards could also be given out at the end of Primary each week by Primary Teachers, Parents, or Bishopric Members to show appreciation for children really catching the idea of Ministering to one another.



CLICK Here to Download- “Mini” Ministering M&M Note Cards


A huge Thank You to DeeAnn Child, Sarah Parkinson, and Carolyn Turnage for your perfect suggestions to Jennifer Hopkin’s spotlight request. I’m thrilled to use all of your amazing ideas to create something to share with others.

“No matter our age, when we consider how to minister most effectively, we ask, ‘What does she [or he] need?’ Coupling that question with a sincere desire to serve, we are then led by the Spirit to do what would lift and strengthen the individual… 
After all is said and done, true ministering is accomplished one by one with love as the motivation. The value and merit and wonder of sincere ministering is that it truly changes lives!” – By Jean B. Bingham- Relief Society General President

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you can find a use for these Mini Ministering Note Cards in your own calling or family. If you do, we’d love to hear about it so leave us a comment and or tag me on Instagram @heyfriendshop.

Emily Clark

Emily Clark

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  1. I’m obsessed with that script font and the fact that my name was used on one of the cards 😉 Haha, VERY cute idea!! 🙂

    1. Emily Clark

      I love this font too! My daughter and you share the same name! 😉