Activity Days: Faith in God Cards

A few years ago I was the Activity Day Leader. I had planned out our entire year of activities and made binders for each of the girls, I was excited to begin.
After a few activities I realized that the girls rarely brought their Faith in God Booklets. Alot of the activities that we did could be passed off, but since they never brought their books there was no way of passing them off, and I knew that they would probably forget what activities we did when they needed to write the activities they did for the year.
So, that’s when I came up with these: Faith in God Cards. I found the cute little girl clipart from Mormonshare.
Even if they forgot their booklets I could write down the activity that we did, the date, their name, and sign the card. Then they would put it in their binder, in a page protector, so they wouldn’t lose the card. At the end of the year or when they got home, they could go through the cards and write each of the activities that we did in their Faith in God Booklet. I thought it would be good to show the Bishop when they go in for their interview when they turn 12. They could show the Bishop all of their cards and be able to show and tell him exactly what they did.
Click Here to print out the Activity Day FIG Cards.


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  1. emily

    This is so cool. Do you have anything else in articles of faith.