“We’ve Missed You” Primary Postcard Printable

Hey Friends! Emily here from Hey Friend Design Shop, I’m starting off another round of printable shared from the Little LDS Creative Team. I’m excited to be here today to share my new cute Primary Postcard Printable with you all.

“We’ve Missed You” in Primary Postcard”

Currently, I serve in the Primary Presidency in my ward. A goal we had as a Presidency is to help each child feel of our love for them. But, that’s a bit tricky when we haven’t seen them in Primary for a few weeks. There are lots of reasons Primary kids and their families aren’t there on Sundays. Sometimes its sickness, family trips, holidays, new babies, out of town baptisms, baby blessings, or mission farewells that can keep them from attending. And once in a while, they’ve simply gotten out of the habit of coming and being part of our Ward & Primary Family. We’ve all been there, we missed a few weeks for whatever reason, and wondered if anyone even noticed we were gone.


Primary Postcard Printable

My Presidency wanted our kids to know we’ve missed them, no matter the reason. So we decided to send “We’ve Missed You in Primary” Postcards. My own kids, like most, love to get mail of any kind. They love when something comes with their name on it. Let’s be honest, we all love finding personalized notes and cards in our mailbox.

You can print these Primary Postcard Printables at home fairly quickly and simply. Print one side first, then run your paper back through the printer/copier and print the back side. The front and back should line up just right. Then with a couple quick cuts you will end up with four postcards per sheet. For my ward, I printed out several sheets of postcards on white cardstock, but colored would be cute as well. Grab a sheet of postcard stamps and you’re ready to take your Postcards to Primary.

Our secretary keeps a list of Primary kids we haven’t seen in a couple weeks. We will add these darling Postcards to class roll folders. The teachers can have the class color the front, sign their names, and write a short note. Then they can leave the Postcard in the roll, or return to the Presidency at the end of Primary each week. After our secretary gathers all the colored postcards, she can address them so they will be ready to be mailed the next day. Super Easy.

.I felt strongly that the Primary classes should be involved in sending the Postcards, rather than a quick note from the Primary Presidency. By having the Primary kids involved with the Postcards, we are teaching them how to be aware and spread kindness to those around them.

.I hope those of you who serve in Primary will enjoy using and sending my Primary Postcard Printable to your Primary kids to show them how much they are loved and missed.

“May we show increased kindness toward one another, and may we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.”—President Thomas S. Monson



Click the link below to download/print Emily’s “We Missed You” Primary Postcard Printable.

Click here to Download “We Missed You” Primary Postcard Printable.



SPANISH “We Missed You” Postcard- Click here to Download


PORTUGUESE “We Missed You” Postcard- Click here to Download


We’d love to hear if you use these for your Primary, so leave us a comment or tag me on Instagram @heyfriendshop. Thanks for stopping by!

Emily Clark

Emily Clark

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    1. Emily Clark

      I loved the graphics and can’t wait to design more with them! Stick around, there will be more darling printables coming soon.

  1. Melissa

    These are perfect! Thank you!

    1. Emily Clark

      Glad to hear you love them!

  2. Hope

    Best part is involving the kids in the class!!!

    1. Emily Clark

      Yes! I’m so excited to include the Primary kids in the process too. Thanks for stopping by, let us know how they work out for your ward.

  3. Hi, Emily! Thanks for sharing! The cards are so cute! Would you mind making them in Portuguese too? These would be the words:
    We’ve missed you in Primary: Sentimos sua falta na Primária
    Your Primary class: Sua classe da Primária

    1. Emily Clark

      Hey Danielle, I’d love to add the Portuguese one. I’ll post it under the other download. Thanks for sharing the wording with me for it, please double check to make certain I got it correct. Glad to hear you love them!

  4. Tricia

    So so cute! Love your design and the words you wrote! I agree the classes will love being able to help and how fun to get mail!

    1. Emily Clark

      Glad you love it Tricia! It turned out so darling!

  5. Hola me encantó. En español tambien podria hacer por favor?

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Rosa, I would be glad to do a Spanish one as well. Let me double check on the translation. I’ll post it soon. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Susan van Hoff

    Wow – thanks for all your talents you share!

  7. Leslie

    Thank you for making these in different languages! My husband was just called to serve as Bishop in our stake’s spanish ward and I am now a primary teacher there. This card will be a great way to introduce myself as well to extend love to the kiddos I have yet to meet.