Program Football

As we begin practicing in the Chapel we try to come up with some kind of game to encourage reverence during the practices.
We’ve tried a Reverence-O-meter, a game board, but the last two years we have used
Football as our game.

We begin by explaining the ‘Rules’ of the game. Here are our rules for this year.
Then we show them our Football field. I did it a little different this year. I started with a football in the middle (50 yard line). If the children were reverent, singing well, paying attention to the Chorister, etc. I moved the football 10 yards toward the ‘Touchdown’. 
But if they were being a little rowdy, talking while other children were saying their parts, or not listening, then I moved the football away from the ‘Touchdown’.
 The children knew if they made a ‘Touchdown’, they would receive a special treat.
At first that ball never made it past the 50 yard line, and every time I moved the ball further away I would hear little gasps. ” Oh No! Our Treat.”
But eventually they made a Touchdown, during the last song, but a Touchdown is a Touchdown no matter when they get there.
So, during class we delivered Chocolate Chip Cookies, and this week, Rice Krispie Treats.

Of course, this doesn’t turn them into nice quiet perfect little children, but it does help. 🙂

Give it a try and see what you think.
Do you do anything during your program practices?

Have a great week!


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  1. Anonymous

    Any suggestions for a sharing time the day of the program? Our primary program is next week and I’m in charge of sharing time and would like to make it extra special.