We ‘MINT’ to Tell you…a Teacher Valentine Idea

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I have come to realize that I am a gift giver. I love giving others gifts, especially when they deserve it! Primary teachers are in that group of people for me that definitely deserve a little “Thank You” treat every once in awhile. Today I am sharing a great LDS Primary Teacher Valentine Gift Idea that would be a great way to let those amazing teachers know that you care and are grateful for their hard work. I decided to do something a little different than chocolate. I finally decided on a Mint Valentine.

LDS Primary Teacher Mint Valentine

I’ve seen the ‘Mint Valentine’ idea before, and thought it was a pretty cute idea. Who doesn’t love mints? Especially these yummy berry mints. 🙂 My kids LOVE these things. They were begging me to part with one of the packages I bought.

I got to work creating a label. Since we have some men teachers, I decided to keep it simple. I ended up making 2 different sayings (both very similar), one says ‘We MINT to tell you how BERRY grateful we are for all you do!’. The other one says ‘We MINT to tell you how BERRY grateful we are for you!’.

I created the ‘grateful we are for you’ first, but then I decided that Primary teachers do a lot,  so I wanted them to know how much they are appreciated for all their hard work. That’s when I decided to create the other option ‘grateful for all you do’. I also have added a generic label without “Happy Valentine’s Day” so you can use this any day of the year for anyone!

LDS Primary Teacher Valentine Handout

LDS Primary Teacher Valentine Gift Idea

Want to make some ‘mint valentines’ for your teachers? Here’s what you’ll need and how I did it!

Ice Breaker Mints (if I had thought of this before I would’ve purchases the mints from Amazon, good deal!)

Sticker Paper (optional, but makes applying much easier)

Scissors or a Circle punch (2 3/4″)

Mint Valentine Printable (download link below)

First, you’ll need to decide which label you would like to use and then print it out onto plain paper or white sticker paper (I use Avery 8165 white shipping labels). Once your labels are printed, cut each one out using scissors or a 2 3/4″ circle punch..

LDS Primary Teacher Valentine Gift Idea

To finish your mints just apply the label to the front of the container…and you’re done! You could always add a little extra by tying some cute string or ribbon and adding a tag with the specific teacher’s name on it, it might help make it a little more personable. 🙂

All you have left to do is hand them out to those amazing teachers!

I thought of inviting our teachers up to the front of the room and have the children sing to them. I thought that might make them feel a little more loved.



Click HERE to print my ‘grateful for you’ Mint Valentine Labels!

Click HERE to print my ‘grateful for all you do’ Mint Valentine Labels!

Click HERE to print my “Grateful For You” Generic Label!


I hope you enjoy my LDS Primary Teacher Valentine Gift Idea. Do you have something special planned for your Primary teachers? I’d love to hear what you are doing or if you use my mint printable, so leave me a comment.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day AND a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Do you by chance have a generic one of these? I would love to use this for our teacher training but do not need the Happy Valentinesday’ this time of year 😉 Thank you for all your ideas and help!

    1. Hi Natalie! I was going to do this for you, and then got busy and completely forgot. I am going to go ahead and create a generic version and upload it to the original post. I’m sure you’ve already had your teacher training, but just in case. Sorry!