{Primary} Donuts & PJ’s Meet the Teacher Breakfast

At the beginning of the year we like to have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ breakfast for all the Primary children and teachers. This is a great time for the children to see who their teachers will be for the new year, and be able to get to know them a little bit.

We typically like to have it the first Saturday in January, so the children will know who there teacher is the next day. But it’s sometimes difficult to have it then because of the holidays and everyone being out of town.

Last year we decided to do a Donuts & Pj’s theme. We invited all the children AND teachers to come to the breakfast in their PJ’s and join us for a yummy breakfast of donuts, fruit, and milk/O.J.

We didn’t have many children there, but those that came had a great time. And honestly…what kid doesn’t love donuts!?! I’m not a ‘kid’ anymore, but I still love me a donut. 🙂 Since the new year is right around the corner, I decided to share fun invite that you could use for your very own “Donuts & Pj’s Breakfast” this year. Here’s a little peek at what it looks like.

Meet the Teacher Breakfast

We usually set-up our Meet the Teacher breakfast in the cultural hall. There is a table for each class with a sign that has the teacher’s name on it, and a class list. As the children come in, we ask them to find their class and have a seat. One year we had a fun place mat with word finds and other puzzles. The children worked on that as we waited for everyone to arrive.

We began with breakfast, YUM, and then we split into classes. During this time the children  and teachers would go down to the classroom that they would be in during the upcoming year. The teachers needed to have a short 15-30 minute game, lesson, presentation, etc. planned for the breakfast. After the 15 minute class time, we gathered back together in the cultural hall and played a few group Get-to-Know you games. You could play a game focused on the teachers and Primary Presidency like 2 truths and a lie or where they have to guess which fact goes with which teacher, etc.

You could also play some fun Minute To Win It games. Whatever you choose…make sure it’s fun. 🙂

Saving and Editing Your Invite

Are you planning on having a Meet Your Teacher Breakfast this year? Click the image(s) below. Right Click and click on ‘Save As’ and save them to your computer. Then open the file in Word or Paint or another similar editing program and add in your info.The font I used for my invitation was KG Skinny Latte, a free download found HERE.

You can find a great tutorial I shared on how to edit the invites with THIS post found, HERE (which also includes some cute Priesthood Preview Invites).


Meet the Teacher Invites

Donuts and PJ's Primary Party

Download the Invite HERE!


Blank Meet the Teacher Invites

Primary Meet the Teacher Breakfast


Or Download the Invite HERE!


I hope you enjoy my Meet the Teacher Invites I have shared today. Do you have an annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ breakfast? If so, I would love to hear some of the things that you do.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Kim

    What a fun idea 🙂 Great for the kids & the teachers!!

  2. Great idea! We never held these when I was primary president, but I can remember some kids who got very nervous on the first Sunday of the year. I bet this helps a lot!

    1. Thanks, Heather. Yes, we have a few that get really nervous too, especially the new little Sunbeams. 🙂

  3. I totally wanted to do something like this … until I realized only a handful of kids won’t have the same teacher next year, and that I have no budget for it… hah. One day!

  4. Colette

    Yes we do! I love it! I found a getting to know you game somewhere on the Internet. It’s like a board game, you draw cards and it asks questions to the kids, or adults.
    We rotate and have Jr. In cultural hall while senior is in classes and play a game. Then we switch. My name is Colette and I like cookies. You have to go around the circle and say everybody’s name before you and what they like. What you like has to start with the same letter as your name.

  5. I’ve never ever been to one of these but think it’s such a great idea. My kids are always so nervous in January because we find out who their teachers are that first Sunday. Love the donut idea!

  6. Kellie

    You’ve done it again! Thank you, thank you! I love them!

  7. JoAnn Jakowlew

    Always looking for ways to serve better. Look forward to benefit our Primary from ideas shared here.

  8. Amy

    is this link still available? When i click it, it says not found

    1. Sorry about that, Amy. I was working on updating the links a few weeks ago, and must not have finished. haha I just updated the links. Let me know if you need help adding in your info. Thanks!