Go for the Gold!! A Primary Quarterly Activity

I meant to post this idea at the beginning of summer, but completely forgot. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had much of a summer here in Hailey. It’s just started warming up….sad, huh? I have really been enjoying the summer weather though, I hope all of you have too.
Today I am going to share a great summer Quarterly Activity with you. We actually did this last year for one of our activities and it was alot of fun.
We decided to name the activity:
We had four teams: Red Team, Blue Team, Green Team, and an Orange Team. At the beginning of the activity the teachers performed a skit for the children. The skit had to do with good sportsmanship (that was kind of the theme for the activity, being a good sport).
After the skit we began our Water Olympics. Our 4 events were:
Sponge Pass
Water Bomb Pass
Water Balloon Launcher
Water Kickball
We had the Red & Blue Team go to one of the games and the Green and Orange to the other. We gave each game a certain amount of time and at the end of that time we blew a whistle. When the whistle was blown they went to the next game. The children had so much fun and at the end of the olympics we had pizza and an award ceremony. We made medals for each of the children. We decided to make a medal that a child would enjoy. And what do they love….treats!! So, I got some candy, gold cellophane, and some ribbon and made some medals.
Here is how I made them:
First decide on a treat that you would like to use as the medal. We used a candy called “Cup of Gold’. I have never heard of these before, but our Primary President knew what they were and thought they would be perfect. You could also use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the big, individually wrapped ones), Cookies, anything that has a round shape to it.
For this example I used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
 I taped the edges down to give it more of a round shape. Then cut a square piece of cellophane and place your treat in the middle of the cellophane. Then fold the bottom of the cellophane up over the Reese’s.
 Flip it over and grab one side of the cellophane and fold it to the middle. Repeat with the other side.


 Then do that again. It should look like this. Tape it so that it stays in place. Then get some ribbon (the kind you can curl) and tie it around the top. (sorry forgot to take a picture of this step.) I used gold curly ribon to go along with the gold cellophane.


 Next we will attach the strap. When I made these for the activity I used some red, white& blue ribbon, it was really cute. But you can also use the curly ribbon, that’s what I used for today’s example.
Cut a long strip of your ribbon, make sure it will be big enough to go over the children’s head, then attach it to the back of the treat. I used tape and they held up fine.
I figured the children would probably eat them righ away, so they really didn’t need to stay together too long.


Here is the finished product.
The awards that we handed our were for:
Best Sportsmanship
Best Team Spirit
Best Listeners
Over-all Winners
 If you don’t like seeing the “Reese’s” showing through the cellophane, you could cut out circles (from paper) and type/write ‘Best Sportsmanship’, ‘Best Team Spirit’, ‘Over-all Winner’, etc. then attach it to the front of your treat. When you hand out your medals, the children will be able to see what they were awarded.
The children loved the water games, the pizza, and the medals. So, if you’re looking for a fun Summer activity here’s an idea. I have included Team List Sheets, Score Sheets, and instructions for this activity.
Click Here to view my Primary Water Olympics document.
This could also be used for Young Men/Young Women.


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