“I Am a Child of God” {Bulletin Board}

This is what I saw when I dropped my daughter off to Primary on Sunday.
 Isn’t it so cute!?!

Sorry for the bad pic, I just happened to have my phone with me on Sunday, so I snapped a quick picture of this adorable Bulletin Board. 

So, this bulletin board is for both wards where I live. There’s a picture of each child from each ward, and they have attached the pictures of each child to the petals of flowers and leaves on the trees.
For the theme “I Am a Child of God” they had each letter attached to a cute little kite.

The leaves on the tree (which I’m sure was so time consuming) are made from different patterns & colors (green) of scrapbook paper.
The trunk of the tree looks like brown kraft paper that has been scrunched up and shaped to look like a trunk of a tree. 🙂

The flowers are also made of scrapbook paper with a pipe cleaner as the stem. They just curled the pipe cleaner to make the stems extra cute.

They added cute little embellishments of butterflies, a squirrel, a sun and clouds.
This picture really doesn’t give this bulletin board justice. It is such a cute bulletin board. If I happen to remember to take my camera, I’ll be sure to snap some more pictures to share.
I just wanted to hurry and post this in case someone was in need of a cute idea.

Thanks Primary Presidency of the Hailey 2nd Ward for the cute Primary Bulletin Board!



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