‘Chews’ to Believe: Memorizing the Articles of Faith

January 18, 2011: I’ve added a link to the Articles of Faith Punchcards, below. They are from Sugardoodle.
This year we decided to focus on Articles of Faith, since the children are supposed to have them memorized by the time they graduate Primary. But we had already done a punch card and a card that you put stickers on, so we wanted to do something new.
We looked around on the internet, but didn’t come up with any new ideas. Then I remembered something my Primary leaders did when I was in Primary. I don’t remember what we were memorizing, but I remember they had drawn a big gum ball machine onto a poster board, and whenever we did whatever it was we were doing that year we got to put a piece of bubble gum into the gum ball machine.
We all liked that idea, but how were we going to incorporate bubblegum with the Articles of Faith? My mind was blank.
Sunday morning our Primary President called me for a few things and she told me she had been thinking about the Articles of Faith and decided to go with the bubble gum machine. When I got to church this is what I saw…
Isn’t that the cutest thing!?! I love the idea she came up with ‘Chews to Believe’.
This is how it works:
We have the children say the Articles of Faith as a class during the beginning of Sharing Time, each week is a different class.
This last week we had the CTR 6 (Jr. Primary) class and the Valiant 9,10,& 11 (Sr.) say the 1st Article of Faith. Each child that was there got to add a gum ball and get a little piece of candy.
(On the first Sunday of the month we go over the new Article of Faith for that month. The last 3 weeks are assigned to a certain class.)
We are still working on what the children will get once the gum ball machine is full, but I thought it was a great idea, something new from punch cards.
We are using the little fuzzy balls, but you could also use different colored circle stickers as the gum balls.
If you are focusing on memorizing the scriptures of the month you could use this idea as well. Instead of the title being ‘Chews to Believe’ you could have ‘Chews to Read’, or something like that.
Individual Memorization with Punch Cards
Since we have them pass it off as a class during Sharing Time we wanted to give them a chance to pass each Article of Faith on their own. So the Primary President found some cute little punch cards (like THESE) and printed enough for each child. Then she seperated them by class and put them onto a ring.

On Sunday we announced to the children and teachers that during Sharing Time they will pass off each Article of Faith as a class, but will have time during class to pass each one on their own. We showed the cards to the children and then gave the teachers their classes group of punch cards.
Once they have passed off all 13 on their own, the will receive a big candy bar.

 Alright, that’s it. I hope you like our idea. And if you use it I would love to see your gum ball machine and any changes you make.
Have a wonderful day!!

Oh, FYI I added a picture of our finished bulletin board, so take a look. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous

    You have (and share) the best ideas! I’m going to have a bubblegum poster ready for this Sunday, because thats how much I LOVE it! Now, wish me luck it turns out half as cute as this one! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Pedey & Anonymous: Thanks! I think the Primary President did a great job of making the Gum Ball machine.
    Anonymous I know yours will look great, and the children will love it!

  3. Anonymous

    How did you attach the fuzzy balls? Also, can you explain the article of faith cards that you put on the ring? I’m not visualizing what you did.

  4. Anonymous: We are gluing the fuzzy balls to our poster. But if you have alot of children that could be a little time consuming. The easiest would probably be stickers.
    As far as the cards, I had someone email me the same question, so I am going to talk to the Primary President and see if she could email me the document. Then I will post it on here to share with everyone. I will also take a picture of them on Sunday. Hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I would love to see the A of F card document, if you were able to get it. Your ideas are so helpful; we’ve incorporated many of them as a new presidency for the new year. thank you.

  6. we did a bubble gum jar thing last fall for the kids to earn a treat after the primary program. we used it w/ the songs…so when we were doing our song review if they sang well and loud and knew the words we would walk around and give them stickers on their hands and then after we were done they could go and stick their stickers on the gum ball machine and fill it up.