Baptism Flashlight Gift Tag

Hi friend, it’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl, and I am so excited to share this baptism flashlight gift tag with you!

I am hoping that this gift tag will help primary presidencies, teachers, and parents everywhere!

Whenever I have been part of a primary presidency, we have always tried to think of fun, inexpensive, and relevant baptism gifts that we could give to the kids in our primary who were getting baptized.

And many primary teachers, especially those who teach the 8-year-old class, also like to have a little stash of gifts that they can give to kids that get baptized.

And then there’s us parents who are looking for a quick and easy gift idea. My 8-year-old gets invited to her friends’ baptisms and of course we want to support all these great kids! And honestly, we don’t always bring a gift and I am totally comfortable with that. After all, the thing they really want is our presence and our love. But if I can plan ahead, I like to bring a little something. Just because I know how much the kiddos love it.

And kids love this gift!

What makes this little gift so fun is that it involves a flashlight.

Kids LOVE flashlights. In fact, my 8-year-old sleeps with a flashlight under her pillow every night. Just in case she needs it.

And now there are so many cheap little flashlights out there. (You can get some shipped to you through my affiliate link HERE.) This free printable tag is the perfect fit for a flashlight.

The tags talks about how the Holy Ghost is like a flashlight.

Flashlights give us light when we need it, and so does the Holy Ghost. I thought it was a great little analogy that I hope will help the kids understand what the Holy Ghost does.

And we all know kids love candy. So I thought that putting some cheap candy in a bag along with the flashlight would make this gift even cooler.

Because some kids have allergies, I like to use smarties and gum. Both are a big hit with kids and they last a lot longer than chocolate does. So if you are making these little gift bags with the intention of storing them until you need them, I highly recommend smarties, gum, or even suckers.

When you download this printable, you will get four tags per page. This will hopefully help with printing costs.

I recommend printing these tags on cardstock. And feel free to write a little note to the child getting baptized on the back!

If you can, I recommend getting them printed a place like Office Depot, where they have really high quality printers.  This will give you a really nice gift tag with sharp details and really high quality card stock.

Click the link below to print this fun Baptism Flashlight Tag.


Click HERE to download this Baptism Flashlight Gift Tag.


Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to use these flashlight gift tags. Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Or snap a picture and tag us on Instagram-we love that!

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  1. J

    These are perfect! I have 3 boys in my primary class getting g baptized this Saturday. I can’t wait to give these to them!Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love these tags that Chrissy created. So cute! I hope the boys enjoy them as well. 🙂

  2. Do you still do the I am a child of God Block’s for birthdays. How can I buy the printed lettering?