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We have a brand new sponsor here at Little LDS Ideas. 
 So today I would like to introduce you to our newest sponsor:

The purpose of is to bring new, fun, and enriching activities to LDS Youth.  Working with the youth is a very rewarding calling but can be strenuous at times when the well runs dry and you and your youth group are having difficulties trying to come up with new activities.
Each month new free young women activity ideas, combined activities, firesides, dances, articles, and/or service projects will be added to the website to help aid in planning your calendar. Additionally, a new, fun, uplifting activity e-book will be added to the e-book store.
Genevie Ann is the creator of this wonderful website, and the person behind these creative activities.
Genevie has previously served in the youth program for over 7 years and enjoyed every minute of it.  On her website she shares many of the activities, firesides, and dances that she did when serving in the youth program.  She has also put together e-book activities that are completely new, creative and enriching activities that come complete with full activity, recipes, flyers, and more.
I spent some time looking around Genevie’s website looking at her great ideas. She has some really great ideas for Youth activities(and I’m thinking her ideas would work great for RS too). 🙂
If you are in need of some fresh new ideas, then you really need to check out her website. 
So head on over and take a look around. Leave her a comment and tell her I sent you. 🙂

Thanks Genevie and thanks everyone for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day!

{Be sure to stop by later this month for a fun giveaway from LDS Youth!}



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