Bibamas: Bible Pajamas

BIBAMAS: [by-bam-uhz]! Bible Pajamas for kids to be inspired by each night!
In our family we have a tradition of receiving Christmas Pajamas from Grandma & Grandpa. My children love it! I have heard of several other people that have the same tradition, so when I saw Kellie Jeppson’s idea of Bible Pajamas I thought it was such a great idea.

Would you be interested in giving some Bible Pajamas {Bibamas} to your children? If you would then Kellie needs you to help her turn her idea into reality.
Here’s what Bibamas is all about:
“Our desire is to help children think more about Bible Heroes and not just Super Heroes when they go to bed each night!  We want Bible Pajamas to help teach kids to be more like Jesus, pray like Jonah, have courage like Esther, and exercise faith like Moses.
Now, children everywhere can focus on the reason for the season when they cuddle up for bed in their new, cozy Nativity Bibamas.  We want children to remember the true meaning of Christmas and with these pajamas, we pray they will!”

Kellie needs to meet her goal by October 5th. If you like the idea of bible pajamas then be sure to visit her site and help her out.

Please take a minute to visit Kellie’s site and take a look around.  She has worked so hard on creating Bibamas and she has done a great job….her pajamas are so cute. 

Kellie would love any help spreading the word about her Bibamas. If you know someone that would enjoy a pair of Bibamas then please spread the word. Please feel free to copy and paste the message in Italics below.  Or customize your own message to send to your family and friends. Here is the link!

If you think Nativity Pajamas are a good idea to help children remember that Jesus is the REASON FOR THE SEASON on Christmas Eve, please pledge your support on Kickstarter now to help Bible Pajamas come to life!

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