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Hello friends! It’s Heidi from A Lively Hope.  I’m excited to be stopping by today with a set of watercolor paper dolls based on New Testament stories.You may remember my previous paper doll sets, based on Old Testament stories that I shared last year (you can find them here).

My New Testament Paper Dolls include several figures and would be perfect to use with the Come Follow Me lesson for March 4-10 “Thy Faith Hath Made The Whole”.

While these illustrations were based around the above lesson, you could use these figures for many, many stories from the New Testament. I have found that my little ones learn best when their hands are busy. These paper dolls are a perfect way to help keep your kids’ attention during family scripture study or family home evening.

Figures included in this set:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Man (could be John the Baptist, or a disciple of Christ)
  • Woman: could be Mary, or Peter’s mother-in-law who was healed , or the widow who gave her last mite
  • Man with leprosy/bandages
  • Two boys: could be used as children who were healed, or those Jesus taught
  • Blind Man
  • Centurion
  • Girl: could be Jairus’s daughter
  • Woman kneeling: could be woman with an issue of blood


Supplies to make paper dolls:

Print play set (Download above)


Laminator, if desired

Popsicle sticks, if desired

Velcro or pieces of flannel, if desired


How to Make Paper Doll Play Set

Print out the paper dolls and cut out each figure. Laminate, if desired. This step is optional, but will help the play set last longer.

Once cut you could attach the puppets to popsicle sticks as a handle for little ones to use. You could also use velcro or a piece of flannel glued to the back of the puppets to use them on a flannel board, if desired.



Click HERE to print my Come Follow Me New Testament Paper Dolls!


We hope you enjoy these New Testament Paper Dolls and are able to use them this week as you study Matthew 8-9 and Mark 2-5, “Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole”. We would love to hear if you do, and how you incorporated them into your lesson, so be sure to leave a comment or snap a picture and tag us on Instagram (@alivelyhope & @seek.christ.daily).

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!

Heidi Hillman
Heidi is a homeschooling mama to four miracle children (two biological and two adopted). She is a voracious reader, and avid journal keeper and loves to paint, draw, knit and embroider. She and her awesome husband and kids live in Cache Valley, Utah and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Heidi blogs at
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  1. Nicole

    Thank you! These are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Nicole. Heidi always does an amazing job.

  2. These are gorgeous and perfect for acting out stories. Thank you!`