Come Follow Me Object Lesson: Built Upon the Rock

This post has been updated and was originally posted May 2014.

This week’s Come Follow Me lesson focuses on Matthew chapters 6 & 7, which is still part of “The Sermon on the Mount”. As I read over this week’s lesson and the scriptures I decided to focus on Chapter 7, specifically verses 24-27, the Parable of the wise man and the foolish man.

This is a beloved Primary song, so I thought an object lesson to go along with the parable would be perfect. I hope you enjoy my Come Follow Me Week 9 Object Lesson: Built Upon the Rock.

I originally share this idea after reading a New Era article from Elder Andersen titled, “Storm Warning” from 2001. Elder Andersen has since then shared a very similar message during General Conference, “Spiritual Whirlwinds”. You might recognize the name from the Mormon Message that they created based on Elder Andersen’s talk. This video would be another great resource to share with your class or family during your lesson. Now that you know a little bit of the back-story of this lesson, let’s get started!

Come Follow Me Object Lesson: Built Upon the Rock 

Yesterday I shared my object lesson for this week on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe if you want to know when I post my videos. 🙂 This week’s video is a little longer than usual because there’s a little bit more to this week’s idea. You can watch the video below:


In my video above I didn’t mention Elder Andersen’s talk, but it would be a great addition to your lesson for this week. I love the analogy of spiritual whirlwinds that he talks about, and as I said before, there is a great Mormon Message that would be perfect to show to your family or class. Here are some ideas that you could use to incorporate Elder Andersen’s talk into your lesson.

In Elder Andersen’s article he talked about spiritual tornadoes and shared an experience of an actual tornado. He talked about spiritual tornadoes and that we need to be built on a sure foundation if we are going to withstand these spiritual tornadoes.

Share the story that Elder Andersen shared in his talk about their trip to Florida and what he shared about the construction of his own home and how it was built upon a firm foundation.

“When we built our house, it was interesting to see all the efforts made to securely hold the house in place. First a giant hole is dug, and the footers for the foundation are placed deep…into the ground. Steel rods run through the yards and yards of cement that form the foundation. With each adjoining part of the house, metal and steel is used to ensure that each part of the house is attached firmly to the other, and that all is tied securely into the foundation and footers. Every effort is made so that the house may remain stationary should winds or tornadoes come upon us.”

After sharing the story discuss Why it’s important to have a strong/sure foundation? Read the words, or sing, “The Wise Man and The Foolish Man”.  Discuss what the song means: Where did the foolish man build his house? {on the sand} And what happened to his house when the rains and floods came? {it washed away} Where did the wise man build his house? {on the rock} What happened to his house when the rains and floods came?  What do you think it means to build our lives upon a sure foundation? 



Display a picture of Christ and read Helaman 5:12. The prophet Helaman said, Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only sure foundation upon whom we can build our lives.Tonight we’re going to discuss some ways that we can build our lives upon the Sure Foundation, Jesus Christ This acitivy is similar to the object lesson from my video. For this activity you will need:

Empty Plastic Bottles, things to fill the bottles (beans, rice, marbles, etc.), 6 small containers or paper bowls, and labels for each container with a way we can build upon a sure foundation (listed below).

Before your activity, grab your containers and fill each one with your items. Next you will be labeling each container with these 6 things: Study the Scriptures, Pray Always, Attend Church, Keep the Commandments, Follow the Prophet, and Love and Serve the Lord. For the labels you could simply write these phrases onto pieces of paper or you could use scripture references or pictures.

After you have read Helamen 5:12 or Matthew 7:24-27 and discussed what it means to build upon the rock, you will hand out the bottles and display the bowls of items. Place an empty bottle in the middle of the table and ask your family, “If I were to place this bottle on the floor and roll a ball toward it and hit it, do you think the bottle would tip over? They will most likely say “yes”. Then ask them why they think it would tip over.

Explain, that right now the bottle isn’t filled with anything, it’s not built on a firm foundation. Just like the home from Elder Andersen’s talk that wasn’t built on a firm foundation and was tossed around in the tornado. If we are not built upon a firm foundation we can get “knocked” over and give into temptation.

Point to the bowls and explain that you are going to discuss 6 ways that we can “fill” our lives so that we can be built upon a firm foundation or built upon the rock.

Invite someone to choose one fo the containers and have them place what is in the bowl into their bottle. Have them read the word, scripture or look at the picture and share what they think the item represents. Discuss why this is important and how it will help us build upon the rock. Continue doing this until you have discussed each of the 6 items.

After each bottle it filled, ask them if they think the bottle would tip over if you rolled a ball toward it. Then share that as we build our lives upon the Sure Foundation, Jesus Christ, we will be able to withstand the storms of life. As we live our lives righteously it will be easier to make correct choices, we will be able to stand firm and not “fall over”.


Bottle Bowling could be a fun activity that you could play during the week to remind your family what you are studying. Use 10 empty bottles as pins and take turns trying to get a strike. You could throw some spiritual questions into the mix. Place questions onto the pins. When a pin is knocked down read the question to the family member and have them answer it. You could do this individually or in teams.



If your children write in a journal have them think about what they can do to build upon the rock. Encourage them to make a goal and write it down. If they would like, have them share their goals with the family and then report how they do. Here is a bookmark that I created for my original post back in 2014. This bookmark lists the ways that we can build upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, and it has Heleman 5:12 at the bottom.

Click HERE to print out my Sure Foundation Bookmarks.


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I hope you enjoy my Come Follow Me Object Lesson: Built Upon the Rock idea and are able to use it for your family or your class. I would love to hear if you do, so be sure to leave a comment OR snap a picture and tag me on Instagram (@seek.christ.daily).

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