Come Follow Me Week 4 Object Lesson: Jesus Christ Is My Light

One of my favorite teaching methods for church or my family is using object lessons. With the announcement of the new Come Follow Curriculum I knew that I would be using object lessons a lot as my family studied each week’s lesson. I decided that there were a lot of you who would love to use the ideas that I plan to use, so I decided to hop on YouTube and start sharing videos of the different object lessons I will use. This week I have a fun object lesson AND a printable! I hope you enjoy what I share.

Come Follow Me Object Lesson. Jesus Christ Is My Light

Each week I take a small portion of the lesson to focus on and create an object lesson. For week 4 (January 21-27) I chose to focus on John 1:4-10. In these verses we read that Christ is the Light. I knew that using flashlights would make a great object lesson, so I got to work and came up with a fun object lesson. Watch the video below (or on my YouTube channel, here) for more details.

Jesus Is My Light Printable

In addition to the object lesson, I created a flashlight printable that you family could use to further discuss how Christ has been a light in their life, but also ways that they can share their light with others.

Come Follow Me Object Lesson and Printables

Have your children cut out the flashlight and the light rays. Once cut out, have them write down ways that Christ has been a light in their life. They could also write down their testimony. When they’re done, they could glue the flashlight into a journal or onto a piece of paper.

Next, have them write down 3 ways that they can be a light to others and write them onto each light ray. Once they have finished, have them glue the rays onto the paper that the flashlight is on.

If they glue this onto a piece of paper you could have them post it somewhere they will see if throughout the week. At the end of the week ask your family if they were able to shine their light.



Click HERE to download my Come Follow Flashlight Printable!


I hope you enjoy this week’s object lesson, and are able to use it as you study John 1 this week. I would love to hear if you do, so be sure to leave a comment OR snap a picture and tag me on Instagram (@seek.christ.daily).

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  1. Leilani

    Thanks so much for offering these little ideas free of charge!! So appreciate it!

    1. You are so very welcome. I think if I charged it would feel more like a job and I would hate it. haha I love coming up with ideas and sharing them. 🙂

  2. Patti Harline

    I’d love to see your object lessons!

    1. I will try to post them on my site, but I will definitely be posting a new video each week on YouTube. If you’d like to see them be sure to visit my YouTube channel. 🙂

  3. Kris

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us. It has been a blessing to find your blog and pages.